Gopinath Munde Sugarcane Labourers Social Security Scheme 2018 in Maharashtra

June 11, 2018 | UPDATED ON: June 11, 2018
Gopinath Munde Sugarcane Labour Social Security Scheme

Labour Department, Maharashtra is going to launch Gopinath Munde Sugarcane Labourers Social Security Scheme 2018. Now this welfare scheme will provide financial security and also raise the living standards of cane workers. This scheme will benefit 8 lakh labourers working in sugarcane cutting, harvesting and transportation activities in 168 private and cooperative sugar factories.

Sub-Committee formed by Legislative Assembly suggested that the govt. should make sugar factories as the principal employer and cane labourers as employees in the factories. So, the entire cane labour will be able the benefits of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) etc.

Previously, Labor Dept. has proposed to set up a new Sugarcane Labourers Welfare Board in the name of late Gopinath Munde for cane labourers. But now, the Labour Dept. has decided to implement a new scheme instead of welfare board.

Gopinath Munde Sugarcane Labourers Social Security Scheme 2018

Legislative Assembly forms a new sub-committee which also suggests that the dept. should impose charges on the factories for the welfare schemes of labourers. The important features and highlights of this Social Security Scheme are as follows:-

  • This scheme will establish a new relationship between sugar factories and cane workers as employer and worker.
  • Under this scheme, all the labourers will be able to receive Social Security Benefits like EPF just like other employees.
  • Maharashtra state cabinet has approved this proposal in December 2017 and will implement it from July 2018.
  • Govt. will also offer additional benefits like educational, health, housing and others to the sugarcane workers.
  • The total estimated cost for the successful implementation of this scheme is around Rs. 20 crores.

The state govt. will ensure that this scheme does not face the issues of lack of funds, shortage of officials to reach out cane workers as happens in other schemes for the unorganized workers. As per the report, the suggestion to take levy from factories will force the factories to look after cane labourers properly and with more dignity.

The primary objective is to ensure significant improvement in the living standards of 8 lakh cane workers engaged in either sugarcane cutting or harvesting or transportation activities.

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