Maharashtra Asmita Scheme – Sanitary Pads for Women & Girls Hygiene in Rural Areas

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Maharashtra govt. has launched Asmita Scheme for women & girls. Subsequently, govt. will provide sanitary pads to girls in in rural areas at extremely lower prices. This scheme will promote hygiene and cleanliness among women during their menstruation period and also improve their health.

This scheme is to prevent the asmita (pride) of women and thus will result in “Women Empowerment”. Accordingly, Asmita Scheme will reduce the dropout rate in the state. This Maharashtra govt. scheme will benefit all the female students between 11 to 19 years of age to maintain personal hygiene.

Latest News – Maharashtra govt. has launched a new portal for Asmita Scheme – Now people can make voluntarily contribution (minimum Rs. 182.40) & become an Online Asmita Sponsor through this link – Click Here

Maharashtra Asmita Scheme – Details

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Govt. will provide 8 small sanitary pads at just Rs. 24 and larger sized pads at Rs. 29.
  • Subsequently, all the girls studying in Zilla Parishad Schools can avail these packages at Rs. 5.
  • For this reason, govt. will launch an app for the distribution of pads in rural areas.
  • Asmita scheme will reduce the number of dropouts among schoolgirls.
  • It is essential as the women which does not maintain menstrual hygiene are more susceptible for reproductive compilation.
  • Under this scheme, all the female child between 11 to 19 years of age which remain absent for around 50 to 60 days per year during their menstruation period.
  • To tackle these problems, govt. will create awareness among girls and women in order to lead a healthy life.
  • Asmita Scheme will help woman and girls to maintain personal hygiene. Govt. will focus on making affordable sanitary pads available to female in rural areas.
  • Rural Development Department will act as a nodal agency to distribute sanitary napkins to women.

Govt. will implement this scheme with the help of Women Self-Help Groups. The primary objective is to increase the percentage of women using sanitary pads which currently stands at 17%. Due to shortage of sanitary napkins, the girls tend to miss schools.

Thus Asmita Scheme will help girls in maintaining hygiene and thus will lead to reduction in reproductive complications. Furthermore, govt. is also going to create awareness about the scheme.


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  1. I already fill sponsorship online form and make transactions also 2 days ago, but till now I don’t get any reply or further procedure regarding it. So, please give me information of it.

  2. our ngo already conduct many programs n lectures on menstruation personal hygiene pubertial changes and good touch bad touch in many schools and villages. we want ro participate in asmita yojana so please guide us . NGO nabe Abhinav Bahuudyaashea sanstha bhadgaon dist Jalgaon


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