Madhya Pradesh Nal Jal Scheme 2018 to Provide Drinking Water to every House

July 7, 2018 | UPDATED ON: April 8, 2019
MP Nal Jal Scheme 2018-19

Madhya Pradesh govt. has launched Nal Jal Scheme 2018 to ensure water supply in every house in the state. Under this scheme, govt. will provide drinking water to every home through river Narmada. Now all the women in the state will not have to get water from hand pumps. The tagline for this scheme is “Ghar Ghar Narmada, Har Har Narmada” and this scheme will benefit 60 lakh people.

The primary objective is to provide direct access to clean water through installation of pipelines. This scheme will reduce the water crisis in the state which is occurring due to low groundwater levels in various areas.

Narmada water will provide life to the people in such areas having water scarcity. Govt. will enable the people to get safe water for drinking through taps rather than handpumps etc.

Madhya Pradesh Nal Jal Scheme 2018 – Features

The important features and highlights of this Nal Jal Yojana 2018 are as follows:-

  • Under Nal Jal Scheme, around 60 lakh people will have direct access to clean drinking water by FY 2018.
  • Govt. will install pipelines in various places across the state to ensure that every village has drinking water in their homes.
  • CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan also announced this scheme in order to provide relief to the villagers particularly women who have to work hard in taking water out of the Handpump (when the water levels are low).
  • Now people will not have to urge the senior officers for installation of Handpumps in their areas. They can now easily utilize the pure tap water for domestic use.
  • CM also announced the launch of Rs. 2,200 crore scheme for irrigation.

Safe drinking water is an essential component of the life of the people and impacts their health. This welfare scheme will provide a huge relief to the poor people to fulfill their basic necessity of water.

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