LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices (January 2019)- Check Subsidy & Non-Subsidy Rates

हिंदी में पढ़ें जनवरी 2019 के लिए सब्सिडी और नॉन-सब्सिडी वाले एलपीजी गैस सिलिंडर के दाम चेक करें

Subsidized LPG gas cylinder rates reduced by Rs. 5.90 & non-subsidized cylinders rate reduced by Rs. 120.5 for January 2019, check new LPG Gas Cylinder prices in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai & other cities as well

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LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices (January 2019)- Check Subsidy & Non-Subsidy Rates

LPG gas cylinder prices (subsidy and non-subsidy cylinder rates) have been reduced by the fuel retailers for the second time i.e in December 2018 & January 2019. People can check the LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices (14.2 kg cylinder) in top metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai & in other cities as well which will remain applicable for the month of January 2019. Moreover, people can easily compare these cylinder rates with previous months.

From Rs. 491.21 in May to Rs. 502.42 in Nov 2018, the cylinders prices were on a hike and had gone up by Rs. 16.21 per subsidized cylinder. The rate of subsidized LPG gas cylinder has been reduced by approx. Rs. 6.5 per cylinder in December 2018 & Rs. 5.91 in January 2019. For non-subsidized cylinders, rate has been reduced approx. by Rs. 133 in December 2018 & Rs. 120.5 in January 2019.

The prices of subsidized and non-subsidized LPG gas cylinders are revised on the 1st of every month. Moreover, the central government provides subsidy on the first 12 gas cylinders to every household in a single year under the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme.

LPG Subsidy & Non-Subsidy Gas Cylinder Rates for January 2019

The effective cost of domestic cooking gas cylinders to consumers with & without subsidy in metros for 14.2 Kg cylinder are as follows:-
LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices for January 2019

Metro Cities Subsidized LPG Gas Cylinder Rates with Reduction Non-Subsidized Prices of LPG Gas Cylinders with Reduction
Delhi Rs. 494.99 (-5.91) Rs. 689.00 (-120.50)
Kolkata Rs. 498.09 (-6.03) Rs. 714.00 (-123)
Mumbai Rs. 492.66 (-5.91) Rs. 660 (-120.50)
Chennai Rs. 482.88 (-5.77) Rs. 704.50 (-122)

People can LPG Subsidized / Non-Subsidized Gas Cylinder Rates (January 2019) to check prices of Rs. / 14.2 kg cylinder in other cities. This month, the price of non-subsidized LPG in Delhi has been reduced by around Rs. 120.50 per cylinder to reflect fall in international oil rates and strengthening of the US Dollar-Rupee exchange rate. Moreover, this reduction is due to tax impact on reduced market rate of the fuel.

As per tax rules, GST on LPG is being calculated at the market rate of the fuel. The govt. may choose to subsidize a part of the price but tax needs to be paid at the market rates. So, with the fall in market price or non-subsidised LPG price, the tax incidence on subsidized cooking fuel has also come down which leads to the current price reduction.

This subsidy amount varies on a monthly basis as per the changes in the average international benchmark LPG rate and foreign exchange rate. When international rates move up, the government provides a higher subsidy and when rates come down, subsidy is cut. The subsidy amount to be transferred into the bank account of the customers is now Rs. 194.01 in Delhi, Rs. 215.91 in Kolkata, Rs. 167.34 in Mumbai and Rs. 221.62 in Chennai per cylinder in January 2019.


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