Kerala Trauma Care Scheme for Free Treatment of Accident Victims for First 48 Hours

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The state government of Kerala has launched Trauma Care Scheme in the state to provide free treatment to the accident victims in first 48 hours. Total expense of treatment of accident victims in first 48 hours will be initially paid by the government but will due to be reimbursed by the respective insurance companies later.

Under Trauma care scheme, the government will pay all expenses incurred by a hospital for the emergency care of an accident victim for the first 48 hour. Subsequently, the families of accident victims shall not pay the money to the hospitals for the emergency care which is being provided to the victim for the first 48 hours.

However, the complete details and operational part of the scheme will be revealed after the government holds discussion with insurance companies, as per officially released notification. The beneficiary can avail the benefit in all government medical colleges & hospitals, district hospitals, taluk hospitals, and major private sector hospitals.

Kerala Trauma Care Scheme

The government has informed that any hospital should not be denied to provide emergency care to accident victims, In addition, the treatment should not be restricted only to those people who have the capacity to pay for treatment.

Moreover, If the accident victim is being taken care in any private hospital, the government will pay the cost of immediate emergency care from the Road Safety Fund. In addition, a special ambulance with all advanced life-support care facilities will also be arranged to evacuate accident victims from the accident site without delay to reach at the nearest hospital.

Moreover, a centralized call center facility will also be managed and coordinated to the service for the accident victims under the Trauma care scheme. The government is also planning to arrange the ambulance service by calling for proposals from private agencies. A separate software will be available for choosing the nearest ambulance and hospital to reach the accident victim.

Besides all, special training will be given to those healthcare workers who are personally involved at the time of transporting the accident victim. The government will provide the funds for the scheme by utilizing the Road Safety Fund, the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund of the Kerala State Transport Project and the government’s budgetary allocation.

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