Arundhati / Maitri Scheme 2022 Apply Online for Brahmin Brides

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme registration / application form 2022 at, Maitri Yojana apply online process begins, family of brahmin brides on marriage to get Rs. 25,000 in Arundhati Yojna, Rs. 3 lakh to brides on wedding with priest (archakras / purohits)
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Karnataka government has announced 2 new schemes namely Arundhati Scheme and Maitri Yojana 2022 for Brahmin Brides. In Arundhati Yojana, the state govt. will provide financial assistance to family of brahmin brides for the marriage. In Maitreyi Scheme, govt. will provide monetary support to bride if she marries a priest (Archakras and Purohits). In this article, we will tell you about the Arundhati Yojna and Maitri Scheme apply online process and complete details.

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022 for Brahmin Brides

The Karnataka government’s scheme of providing monetary support to Brahmin brides has caused a political stir. As per the govt. officials, Arundhati Yojana has been launched to assist the impoverished people of Brahmin category. In the Karnataka Arundhati Scheme, the family of the bride belonging to Brahmin community will get Rs. 25,000 for the marriage.

Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board will implement this Arundhati Yojna in the state. Under Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022, around 550 families of Brahmin brides will receive the assistance amount of Rs. 25000.

Karnataka Maitri Yojana 2022 for Brahmin Brides

Maitri Scheme has been launched to help the poor people of the Brahmin community. In Karnataka Maitri Yojana, govt. will offer Rs. 3 lakh to bride if she marries a priest: Archakras and Purohits. Under Maitrei Scheme, around 25 families would be given assistance of Rs. 3,00,000. Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board will implement this Maitreyi Scheme.

How to Apply Online for Arundhati Yojana / Maitri Scheme in Karnataka

Just like other financial assistance schemes for brides, the state govt. of Karnataka is inviting Arundhati Yojana / Maitri Scheme apply online form. These registration forms are invited at the official website of Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board at Click at the “Sign In” tab in the header to make registration for Maitri Yojana or Arundhati Scheme.

The apply online process for Arundhati Scheme / Maitri Yojana in Karnataka has been started. The couples can register online on the website of the board. Application form of Maitrei Scheme and Arundhati Yojna could be filled only after making registration at the KSBDB website.

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Arundhati Yojna / Maitrei Scheme

As per the Karnataka govt. officials, the state govt. has put some restrictions on the people who can these Arundhati Yojna / Maitrei Scheme benefits. Only those candidates who fulfills the below mentioned eligibility criteria for Arundhati Yojana / Maitreyi Scheme would be eligible for its benefits:-

  • Applicants must be a permanent resident of Karnataka state.
  • The family of the bride has to produce a certificate citing they are from the economically backward class.
  • Bride must belong to the Brahmin community and must produce a certificate for the same.
  • The marriage has to be bride and groom’s first marriage.
  • Wedding must be registered and marriage registration certificate must be produced for the same.
  • The couple has to be married for at least five years.  

Opposition Party alleges that Marriage is a personal choice and incentivizing certain types of marriages over others is regressive and anti-women. Congress alleges that why is marriage the only area of a woman’s life the Brahmin Development Board can think of. Why can’t KSBDB give loans for Brahmin women entrepreneurs, why not fund the education of poor Brahmin girls. 

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Need for Arundhati / Maitreyi Scheme for Brahmin Brides in Karnataka

According to the caste census of 2018, the Brahmin population of Karnataka came up to 3% of the total state population. The main reason behind the launch of these 2 schemes namely Arundhati / Maitri is to uplift the people who come from poor economic backgrounds, especially the priests. Brahmin priests have a difficult time surviving because of work uncertainty. They can use the money we give and set up a small business to earn their living.

The Karnataka state government’s fiscal deficit for the year is targeted at Rs 46,072 crore. The state is reeling under financial pressure after flood relief funds as well as GST input from the Union government is still pending. The Chief Minister, in December 2020, said a fiscal setback of Rs 25,000 to 30,000 crore and might persist until next budget.

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