Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers in Kerala to be Introduced Soon

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State Government of Kerala is planning to introduce a new scheme for migrant labourers in the state. The scheme will cover over 2.5 million migrant labourers mostly from West Bengal, Bihar and the northeast.

According to the latest survey undertaken in 2013, there were about 2.5 million migrant labourers in the state who have come from other states to work here. The government is planning to capture the details of the migrant labourers through the insurance scheme. However, there are rules in the state that every migrant labourer should register himself/herself in the police station nearest to their residence.

At present, the number of migrant labourers is even high and increasing, so are the cases registered against them. About 10% of all the migrant labourers have criminal records in their home states and that is repeated here.

The proposed insurance scheme is aimed to get the proper registration of all these labourers since the state does not have any proper registration programme.

The government also plans to give the migrant labourers a decent standard of basic amenities by considering them an integral part of the Kerala Society. Special medical camps and basic sanitation facilities at the labour camps will be the part of the basic amenities to be provided to migrant labourers.

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