Increase Traffic Fines by 10% Every Year – Revised Motor Vehicle Bill by Central Govt.

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Increase Traffic Fines by 10% Every Year – Revised Motor Vehicle Bill by Central Govt.

Central government approves bill to Increase Traffic Fines up to 10% annually for the violation of traffic rules. Subsequently, this bill will impose fines on drink & drive, talking while driving, rash and negligent driving, non wearing of seat belt and helmets. Lok Sabha passes this bill in April 2017 and this bill is pending with the Rajya Sabha for approval.

Parliamentary Board studies the existing Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2017 which imposes penalties for several traffic offences. These fines are more than the previous existing fines on breakage of Traffic Rules.

As per the reports of Ministry of Road Transport, this bill will also ensure speedy resolving of cases. This bill will ensure transparency and will result in the reduction of the number of cases of traffic violations.

Offence & Traffic Fines

The important provisions of this bill are shown in the table:-

OffenceProposed Traffic FineExisting Traffic Fine
Drink and DriveRs. 10,000Rs. 2,000
Talking on Mobile Phones while DrivingRs. 5,000Rs. 1,000
Jumping Red lightRs 1,000Rs. 300
Driving Without Seat belt / HelmetRs. 1,000Rs. 100
For Minors Caught Driving & Causing Fatal Accidents3 years + Rs. 25,000Rs. 2,000

The selection committee of Rajya Sabha is in favor of the amendments of the Motor Vehicles (Ammendment) Bill, 2017 proposed by the Central government. Subsequently, families of the accident victims will get compensation amount increased up to 10 times.

Other Provisions in Bill

Central govt. has also introduced various other provisions in this bill:-

  1. Simplification of Vehicle Registration Process.
  2. Online Registration process and issuance of Learner License.
  3. Covering of Ride Hailing Service Providers under this law.
  4. Mandatory Vehicle Recall Policy

Henceforth, this bill will ensure transparency as the dealers can now apply online for Registration Numbers & Certificates instead of making endless visits to the RTOs. This bill also consists of the provision to empower central govt. for modification of permits of vehicles.

Moreover, this bill will also authorize central govt. to make schemes necessary for the inter state transport of goods and passengers. Furthermore after approval, this bill will replace an existing Motor Vehicle Act (26 years older bill) which was amended in the financial year 2001.

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