Home Delivery of Liquor Now Going to be Legal in Maharashtra under New Policy

Maharashtra govt. will start a new policy to make home delivery of liquor legal to help police by reducing the number of drunken driving cases, now place an order online at new platform to get your desired alcohol bottle at home

Dated: October 14, 2018 | Updated On: October 17, 2018 | By: Karan Chhabra | 2 Views |
Home Delivery Liquor Legal Maharashtra

Maharashtra govt. is planning to introduce a new policy to make home delivery of liquor legal in the state. This policy may help the police by reducing the number of drunken driving cases. Now citizens would be able to order alcohol online through platforms similar to national and international e-commerce websites. The entire process of placing order for alcohol will be same as getting groceries and vegetables at home.

The proposed policy to make home delivery of liquor legal will provide relief to busy individuals and would also save their precious time. Apart from reducing the incidents of drunken driving, this policy would also generate employment for youths who delivers the product. The permit charges are Rs. 5 for one day, Rs. 100 per year and Rs. 1000 for lifetime.

In addition to this, this policy would offer unlimited choice to consumers and would also ensure that the quality of supplied liquor is maintained.

Home Delivery of Liquor Legal in Maharashtra

The state govt. of Maharashtra plans to start a policy that will see liquor being delivered at home and this move of the state govt. would be a game changer for liquor industry. The primary objective is to reduce the number of growing drunken driving cases as alcohol is a major cause to many accidents. People drink alcohols in higher quantities and drives so fast and carelessly that it may take the life of any other innocent person and thus the state govt. plans this move of home delivery of alcohol.

As per the records of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of 2015, around 1.5% of the total 4.64 lakh road accidents were caused due to drunken / drug driving which had resulted in injuries to 6,295 people. This offence had resulted in 2,988 deaths in a single year which accounts to more than 8 deaths a day.

This home delivery of alcohol policy would contain the provisions to meet the required age criteria while buying liquor at home. The age limit for drinking is 21 years for Beer & 25 years for IMFL / country liquor. The sellers would be given directions to take complete details of customers including Aadhaar numbers, through which their identity can be verified.

Penalty Liquor Delivery Bombay Prohibition Act

Penalty Liquor Delivery Bombay Prohibition Act

All the liquor bottles to be supplied would be geo-tagged in order to keep track of their manufacture and sale. This tagging would be done on the cap of the bottle and would be completely tracked till the time it reaches the consumer. This policy would curb the sale of spurious liquor and would also prevent smuggling of alcohol.

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