Haryana Solar Based Tubewell Scheme – Power Subsidy of Rs. 7000 crore for Farmers

May 5, 2018 | UPDATED ON: May 5, 2018
Haryana Solar Based Tubewell Scheme

Haryana Govt. is going to implement a Solar Based Tubewell Scheme for farmers. Under this scheme, the state govt. will link 6 lakh tubewells with solar energy. This solar powered tube well pump scheme will enable the farmers to generate surplus electricity along with earning additional income. Haryana govt. will provide a power subsidy of Rs. 7000 crore to the farmers. This new solar subsidy scheme is a major step forward towards “Doubling the Farmer’s Income by 2022”.

Captain Abhimanyu, finance minister of Haryana has given this information in a press conference after the meeting with 15th Finance Commission. Even this solar powered tube well scheme will help in reducing the pollution levels in the state. This initiative to promote solar energy will ensure adequate power supply, timely water for irrigation, additional income and will also reduce pollution to a great extent.

Govt. will launch this solar power subsidy scheme in phases to implement it efficiently. The action plans on how to provide power subsidy to farmers and other guidelines of the scheme will get finalized soon.

Solar Based Tubewell Scheme

The state govt. of Haryana is planning to implement solar based tubewell scheme for the welfare of farmers. Tubewells form an important part in the agricultural sector and are an essential component for irrigation purposes. Providing power subsidy to the farmers will encourage them to install solar panels for tubewells. The important features and highlights of this solar subsidy scheme are as follows:-

  • Around six lakh tubewells in the state would be linked with solar energy.
  • Farmers will be able to utilize the solar energy as per their requirement and even enables them to sell their surplus power generated.
  • This new solar powered tube-wells scheme will help the farmers to earn additional income to raise their living standards.
  • The primary objective of this solar powered tube well pump scheme is to make farmers a producer rather than a consumer.
  • Haryana govt. will provide a power subsidy of Rs. 7000 crore to effectively implement this scheme.
  • After the meeting with 15th finance commission, govt. is planning to implement this solar subsidy scheme as soon as possible.

Increasing Pollution in the National Capital Region (NCR) is a great concern for the government. Various factors like burning of crop residue in agricultural fields, lack of solid waste management, air pollution contribute to this severe cause. So, govt. is making consistent efforts towards reduction in pollution levels.

Haryana also becomes the 1st state in the country to achieve its target under Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao Scheme. Previously the sex ratio was 850 girls / 1000 boys which has now increased to 914 girls / 1000 boys.

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