Haryana Parali Incentive Scheme – Rs. 100 per Quintal to Farmers for Not Burning Stubble

Haryana govt. Parali Incentive Scheme 2019 for small & marginal farmers, Rs. 100 per quintal for not burning stubble in fields, only applicable to non Basmati paddy procured by government
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Haryana government is going to start a new Parali Incentive Scheme 2019. In this scheme, the state govt. will provide support of Rs 100/quintal to small and marginal farmers who have not burned stubble in their fields. This amount would only be applicable to non Basmati paddy procured by government. Stubble incentives would be provided through deputy commissioner.

The number of Haryana Parali Incentive Scheme beneficiaries and estimated cost will be known after CM’s clearance. As per an estimate, around 20 lakh farmers in Haryana cultivate on less than 5 acres of land. The government has information of land and bank accounts of all the farmers. The proposal to curb stubble burning is sent to CM Manohar Lal Khattar who will take final decision in this regard.

Supreme Court has lashed out at authorities for failing to curb severe air pollution in the Delhi-NCR region. SC had directed the governments of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to provide support of Rs 100/quintal within seven days to farmers for not burning stubble.

Haryana Parali Incentive Scheme to Curb Stubble Burning

Parali (Stubble) burning has become a major cause of pollution in recent days. Many farmers in Haryana and Punjab burns their stubble in order to get their farm land ready for next season cultivation. The smoke emission from parali burning contains pollutants and is choking nearby state Delhi. The NCT of Delhi is just like gas chamber these days due to harmful levels of Air Quality Index (AQI).

PM 2.5 & PM 10 levels in national capital are beyond hazardous level due to parali burning. SC has already put a ban on burning of stubble in these 2 states, but the no. of incidents of stubble burning are not reducing. This is because farmers are poor in both Haryana and Punjab states.

The parali machine price is not affordable as it costs around 15 lakh per machine even after getting subsidy from central govt. Moreover, the rent of parali machine is too high for farmers which they cannot afford. So to reduce the level of pollution in Delhi, Supreme Court has ordered Punjab and Haryana state govt’s to provide incentives to farmers.

In lines with SC order, Haryana govt. has decided to start Parali Incentive Scheme 2019. Under this scheme, the state govt. will provide Rs. 100 per quintal to small and marginal farmers who have not burned stubble.

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