Haryana Cyber Security Portal & Toll Free Number | eLearning Registration 2021 / Login at haryanaismo.gov.in

Haryana Cyber Security Portal at haryanaismo.gov.in and toll free number at 1800-180-1234 for cyber alert reporting & raise awareness on online issues, elearning registration 2021 / login at Information Security Management Office website हरियाणा ने साइबर सिक्योरिटी पोर्टल haryanaismo.gov.in और टोल फ्री नंबर 1800-180-1234 लांच किया
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Haryana govt. has become the first state which has launched Cyber Security Portal at haryanaismo.gov.in. In addition, toll free number 1800-180-1234 for cyber security and cyber alert reporting has been introduced. This portal will provide raise awareness on online issues and will also provide information on points to be kept in mind while using Internet.

People can even make eLearning Registration 2021 / login at Haryana Information Security Management Office website. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Haryana Cyber Security Portal & Toll Free Number and how to apply for eLearning at haryanaismo.gov.in

About Haryana Information Security Management Office (ISMO)

Information Security (more commonly referred to as cyber security) has gained increased significance during recent years in view of the exponential growth in cyber threats arising not just from organized groups but also from state sponsored actors. Security is becoming more and more established in the Government structure and it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of an IT department. To address this subject, a dedicated organizational structure known as the Information Security Management Office (ISMO) along with the scope/charters was approved by the Apex IT Committee of the state (known as IT PRISM) under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Haryana in its 30th meeting held on 18th March, 2014.

Security is becoming more and more established in the Government structure and it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of Govt. organizations. The State Government had established Information Security Management Office (ISMO) as a institutional setup to address security concerns in an ongoing manner rather than doing this as a one time effort. ISMO is positioned as an independent agency under the State eGovernance Society, progressively capable of supporting all Departments and Agencies of the Government. Haryana ISMO follows the principle of prevention, detection & reaction.

Haryana Cyber Security Portal & Toll Free Number

Information Security Management Office (ISMO) has launched this Cyber Security Portal to address issues of Internet attack, mobile device security and cyber threats. This is for the first time that a state in India has launched Cyber Security Portal which can be accessed through the link – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/.

Methods to Secure Your System

People can secure their system through the following methods available at the Cyber Security Portal:-

  • Keeping Children Safe Online – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/assets/pdf/secure1.pdf
  • Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/assets/pdf/secure2.pdf
  • Beware of Fake Antivirus – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/assets/pdf/secure3.pdf
  • Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/assets/pdf/secure4.pdf
  • Minimize the access for others – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/assets/pdf/secure5.pdf

Moreover, the state govt. of Haryana has launched toll free number 1800-180-1234 to report cyber security issues.

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Present Approach for Cyber Security

Data exchanged in the cyber space can be exploited. A strategic framework and actions are required for countering the cyber-attacks. This should involve a combination of preventive, detective and reactive processes to deal with cyber-attacks. The overall goal to protect Data/Assets has to be based on leading frameworks as well as standards including but not limited to OWASP, ISO 27001 etc. ISMO has started its operations with Identifying and implementing Open Source tools and processes that would help in prompt detection of an incident and respond to the incident to prevent an attack. Three approaches being adopted by ISMO is:
SMO has initiated its two programs in line with above mentioned approach.

  • CVM : Continuous Vulnerabilities Management
  • CSM : Continuous Security Monitoring

Security is becoming more and more established in the govt. structure and it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of an IT department. From now onward, anyone in the Haryana state can log on to cyber security portal at haryanaismo.gov.in and know ways to secure oneself against cyber threats. This portal comprises of all the information regarding how to keep children safe online.

Check Haryana ISMO Services – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/services

As the children uses internet, they needs to get educated on how to keep themselves safe from cyber threats. In this portal, there is a set of questions for students of different classes which they needs to answer. This would be introduced in schools of Haryana and added that it is the first time in the country that any state has launched such a Cyber Security Portal.

eLearning Registration / Login at Haryana Information Security Portal

Below is the complete process to make eLearning registration and login at Haryana Information Security Portal:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at https://haryanaismo.gov.in/

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “eLearning” tab present in the main menu or directly click https://haryanaismo.gov.in/elearning/index

STEP 3: Then in the newly opened window, click at the “Sign Up” tab as shown here:-

Haryana ISMO Gov In elearning
Haryana ISMO Gov In elearning

STEP 4: In the new window, give your consent and click at “Next” button to open the Haryana ISMO eLearning Online Registration Form 2021:-

Haryana ISMO elearning Online Registration Form
Haryana ISMO elearning Online Registration Form

STEP 5: Enter all the details accurately and click at “Submit” button to complete the eLearning registration process.

STEP 6: Then proceed to make Haryana Information Security Portal eLearning Login as shown below:-

Haryana Information Security Portal elearning Login
Haryana Information Security Portal elearning Login

STEP 7: Enter the username, password and hit at “Login” button to make elearning login at Haryana Cyber Security Portal.

Haryana Cyber Security eLearning Initiative

  • eLearning is an initiative of ISMO Haryana to spread awareness and build knowledge on various topics related to Information & Cyber security to students of different age groups with an objective to build Cyber Secure ecosystem.
  • eLearning portal intends to educate the students online and build Cyber Security Hygiene towards issue of online games, chatting, academic information, etc. as students are generally not aware of the impact of Cyber threats with unsafe use of Internet from hackers, Cyber Bullies, Stalkers and Online Predators, etc. The vision of this online portal is to highlight the importance of cyber security among students and need to give prominent place in day to day use to avoid Cyber related threats.
  • The Students of class 5th – 8th and class 9th – 12th can learn and build basics of Cyber Security Hygiene.
  • Students can learn the contents by creating a login in simple steps.
  • 5 attempts are allowed to clear the exam per student
  • A digitally signed certificate from Chief Information Security Office (CISO) Haryana will be issued to successful candidate.
  • In order to access the knowledge attained by the students an online test can be attempted after the finishing of training modules after which digitally signed certificate shall be issued to respective students by ISMO.

Verify Certificate

The Digitally Signed Certificate can also be verified by the school administration by entering the Certificate Number on the verify certificate link – http://haryanaismo.gov.in/certificate/certificateauthenticate

CyberDost Twitter handle launched

In order to spread awareness about cyber-crimes and normal precautions which needs to be taken, the Ministry of Home Affairs has lunched @CyberDost twitter handle. General public and govt. employees will get hugely benefited in case they follow this twitter handle. This Cyber Dost Twitter handle is going to enhance their basic knowledge about cyber crimes.

Security Advisory – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/securityadvisory

Policy / Documents – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/policyDocuments

Capacity Building – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/capacityBuilding

In case of any query, people can feel free to contact ISMO officials – https://haryanaismo.gov.in/contactus

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