Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline Toll Free Number (District Wise)

Haryana govt. released COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline Toll Free Numbers (District Wise), precaution is best cure, anybody finding cough, cold & respiratory disorders symptoms can call now
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After a major outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in various parts of world, Haryana government has taken precautionary measures to tackle this problem. The state govt. has released Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline Toll Free Number (District Wise) to cope up with this emergency situation. COVID-19 is a family of virus which causes illness pertaining to severe respiratory disorders which may even lead to death. Currently, the entire world is at an alarming stage as this disease has taken the form of an epidemic.

The Coronavirus was firstly discovered in Wuhan, China where people suffered the most. There are a total number of 3214 death in China alone with COVID-19 disease. However, the major problem is that it has now spread to across 72 nations where people are being tested positive and showing COVID-19 symptoms. India is also not left as some case of Coronavirus are reported in Delhi, Agra, Noida, Kerala and Odisha.

With the growing concern of increasing outreach of this Coronavirus diseases in the adjacent regions of Haryana, the state govt. has taken precautions. Now the state govt. has released Coronavirus (COVID-19) Helpline numbers to ensure that this disease does not spread and take lives of people.

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline Numbers Haryana (District Wise)

As we all know that there is still not permanent vaccine for treatment of Coronavirus disease, so precaution is the only way to survive. For this, Haryana govt. has released a district wise list of toll free helpline numbers. Here are the helpline toll free number for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus in Haryana:-

Ambala0171-2556284, 9813059474
Charkha Dadri7015058611
Faridabad9818197232, 01292415623
Gurugram01242322412, 9911519296
Hisar01662278113, 9817657605
Jhajjar01251297221, 7027813976
Karnal01844076099, 9466124730
Panipat01802640255, 108
Sonipat01302231932, 102
Yamunanagar7027823288, 7027972089

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. This diseased is similar to the one reported earlier as Middle East Respiratory Disorder. In order to make people safe, these helpline numbers are of paramount importance.

Haryana is the region where the people are going to be affected the most as it has various international airports where people from other countries comes. These people might have Coronvirus in them and can prove to be harmful for the native residents. So to ensure state residents security, Haryana govt. has now taken various steps. These includes Critical Care Centre made in the PGI Rohtak for serious patients suffering from COVID-19.

Haryana Coronavirus Helpline Numbers District Wise
Haryana Coronavirus Helpline Numbers District Wise

The state govt. of Haryana has also made 151 isolation wards of 685 beds to keep patients suffering from Coronavirus. People can call on the Coronavirus Helpline Toll Free Numbers in case of any emergency and to make people safe. Till date, there are 94,250 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and out of these, around 3214 people had already died. So, these Haryana COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Helpline numbers are of much importance to protect peoples’ life.


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  1. Dear All ,
    Neither your landline nor The mobile is working for Ambala help line .
    Don’t know about other districts .
    Please be serious , if numbers are not operational please do not list them

  2. Dear Sir/Madam ,
    I ( Pankaj Madhok) retuned from abroad on 20th March 2020 .
    I travelled to Mexico , Curacao and US in last 14 days .
    Self left India on 9th March and returned back on 20th March

    Request to pleae advise if self needs to Corona Virus test, and if so from where .
    As I have been put under quarantine/isolation thus cannot go out of my home .
    Please advise if health department will be collecting my samples for conducting the tests


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