Gujarat Doubles Compensation Amount under Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

Compensation amount for Gujarat Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme (group insurance) doubled for farmers & their family members, now Rs. 2 lakh for accidental deaths & 1 lakh for disability गुजरात किसान दुर्घटना बीमा योजना के अंतर्गत मुआवज़ा राशि दोगुनी हुई
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Gujarat government has decided to double the compensation amount under Farmers Accident Insurance Scheme. Now, farmers would get Rs. 2 lakh (earlier Rs. 1 lakh) in case of accident deaths and Rs 1 lakh (earlier Rs. 50,000) for grievous injuries. Natural and Suicidal deaths are not covered under this accident insurance scheme. Instead of 73.25 lakh beneficiaries, as many as 2.49 crore people can now avail scheme benefits.

Farmers Accident Insurance Scheme was launched on 26 January 1996 and is 100% state sponsored. This scheme covers all the registered farmers in the state which may hold the land jointly or severally and their names must be included in land records. Now accident insurance scheme has been modified to include the immediate family members of farmers.

The primary objective of this accident insurance scheme is to provide assistance to the successor of the registered farmer in case of death or disability due to accident.

Gujarat Farmers Accident Insurance Scheme Modified Eligibility

The state govt. of Gujarat has doubled the compensation amount both in case of accidental deaths and permanent disability. This decision will benefit around 2.49 crore farmers and their family members out of the total 6.25 crore population in the state. The primary requirement to become eligible for compensation is that beneficiary ought to be a farmer and must follow these given conditions:-

  • Farmer must have land records before the start policy (31st March) to prove that he / she is a land owner.
  • The cause of death or disability should be an accident. For this, a post mortem report is mandatory.
  • Incidents of natural and suicidal death are excluded and in such cases, farmers are not entitled for any compensation.

Now, cases of accidental deaths and permanent disability caused while working on the field, electrocution, animal bites, accidents involving machines, falling in wells, road accidents while travelling to market yards are also covered under this accidental group insurance scheme.

Compensation Amount for Farmers Accident Insurance Scheme

The successor of deceased farmers can avail the following benefits under Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme:-

ParticularBenefit (Rs.)
Accidental death / 100% permanent disability2,00,000
In case of accidentally loss of two eye or two limbs or Hand and leg2,00,000
In case of accidentally loss of one eye and one limb2,00,000
In case of accidentally loss of one eye or one limb1,00,000

On an average, around 1500 farmers die every year due to the causes covered under this group insurance scheme. But with the number of beneficiaries increasing almost 4 times, the state govt. expects the number of cases to increase as well. Accordingly, govt. will have to pay a higher premium to the insurance companies every year. Till date, the state govt. was paying an annual premium of Rs. 35 crore which is likely to go upto Rs. 80 crore. For more details, visit the official website

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