Green Urban Mobility Scheme to Promote Green Transport System

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The government is formulating a scheme to make the cities green and more eco-friendly. Also mentioned earlier Green Urban Mobility Scheme is one of its kind to be launched by the government soon which would promote the use of hybrid/electric vehicles, non-motorized transport like footpaths and cycle tracks and non-fossil fuels among others for public transport.

Through the Green Urban Mobility Scheme, the government will promote the use of green public transports. In the starting stage, the scheme would be implemented in 103 cities. The scheme is to be finalized by Minister of State for Urban Development after taking views from the concerned stakeholders. After that, the scheme would be presented to the cabinet for further approval of implementation.

Green Urban Mobility Scheme – Key Features

Initially, the scheme would cover about 103 cities having more than 5 lakh population. The mission named as ‘Green Urban Mobility Scheme’ would be implemented in the period of seven years.

For the process of implementation, the scheme would require funds of about Rs 70,000 crore. It is proposed that 10% will be contributed by urban local bodies, 30% amount would be given by the Centre and states government. And the remaining 60% amount would be raised as loan from multi-lateral agencies.

The Green Urban Mobility Scheme proposes the construction of pedestrian pathways, cycling tracks, public bike sharing, bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, intelligent transport system, urban freight management and innovating financing for transport systems and progressively shift to usages of hybrid/electric and non-fossil fuels for public transport.

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