Indian Govt. Schemes & Initiatives for Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) Affected People / State Wise

Here is complete list of government schemes and initiatives taken by central govt. & state govt's to tackle Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, check state wise list of yojana and steps taken by various state governments, PM Modi announced complete lockdown in India till 14 April 2020
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Coronavirus or COVID 19 is a pandemic declared by World Health Organization (WHO) which is taking lives of so many people. It originated from Wuhan, China and is now spread over 188 countries. As the total number of suspicious cases are regularly increasing and reached 5,00,000 across the world while 15,000 people have already died. PM Modi led central govt. and respective state governments are declaring government schemes and initiatives for tackling Coronavirus (COVID 19). The recent is the transfer of Rs. 500 per month in PM Jan Dhan Yojana bank accounts held by women.

People can now check the complete list of Government Schemes and Initiatives to fight Coronavirus in state wise manner. After the Janta Curfew, CM’s of various states have announced Lockdown and announced various initiatives to prevent worsening of this situation. On 24 March 2020, PM Modi has announced complete lockdown in India till 14 April 2020. Till date, there are more than 500 suspicious cases of COVID 19 in India and the death toll has been increased to 8.

In this post, we will give you the detailed information of how various state govt. along with central govt. are taking measures to prevent this Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Govt. Schemes & Initiatives for Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Central Government

PM Garib Kalyan Yojana Package of Rs. 1.7 Lakh Cr – FM Nirmala Sitharaman has announced Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Package of Rs. 1.70 lakh crore. This initiative will cover a new PM Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana as well as other initiatives for farmers, Rs. 500 per month to women Jan Dhan Account holders, poor people, loans to Women SHGs, ex-gratia to widow / old-age / disabled pensioners, MGNREGA workers, PM Ujjwala Yojana beneficiaries. The details of the scheme can be checked using the link – Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana 2020-21

SBI to provide lifeline emergency credit to coronavirus-hit borrowers – State Bank of India (SBI) will provide emergency loans to fexisting borrowers whose operations are impacted by Coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19) at 7.25% p.a fixed rate of interest. This ad-hoc loan facility is named as COVID 19 Emergency Credit Line (CECL) to meet temporary liquidity mismatch arising out of covid-19. The scheme will be in force upto June 30, 2020 and max loan amount is Rs. 200 crore. All standard accounts as on March 16, 2020 and till the date of sanction are eligible. However, standard accounts classified as Special Mention Accounts – SMA 1 (overdue between 30-60 days) and SMA2 (overdue between 61-90 days) are not eligible for availing credit facility. This loan facility shall be made available as Fund Based Limits only. The loans will be repayable in six equated monthly installments after a moratorium period of six months from the date of disbursement of the loan.

DBT to PM Kisan Beneficiaries – The central govt. has transferred Rs. 5,125 crore amount through Direct Benefit Transfer to bank accounts of 8 cr PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana beneficiaries.

Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Promotion of Domestic Manufacturing – Central govt. approves sum of Rs. 6,940 crore for PLI scheme. This scheme will boost domestic manufacturing and attract large investments in mobile phone manufacturing and specified electronic components including Assembly, Testing, Marking and Packaging (ATMP) units. PLI Scheme is going to raise incremental sales of Rs. 46,400 crore and significant additional employment generation over 8 years.

Scheme to Boost Manufacturing of APIs & Medical Devices in India – The central govt. approved package to tackle Coronavirus with an outlay of Rs. 13,760 crore. This scheme will boost domestic production of bulk drugs (9,940 cr) and medical devices (3,820) in the country as well as exports.

Scheme on Promotion of Bulk Drug Parks – Cabinet approves Rs. 3,000 crore for next 5 years for Scheme on Promotion of Bulk Drug Parks to finance common infrastructure facilities in 3 bulk drug parks.

Vivad Se Vishwas Scheme Interest / Penalty Waived – The government has extended the deadline for settling tax disputes under the Vivad se Vishwaas scheme without paying any interest and penalty to 30 June 2020 from March 31, 2020.

Aadhar-PAN Linking Date Extended – The central govt. has extended the last date for linking of aadhaar card with PAN Card till 30 June 2020.

Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) Deadline Extended – The government has also extended the deadlines for filing income tax return (ITR) for FY 2018-19 to June 30, 2020 from current 31 March 2020 deadline. For FY 2018-19, delayed payment for tax payments have been reduced from 12% to 9%. No extension, for delayed TDS deposit has been reduced from 18% to 9%.

No Minimum Balance for Bank Account – In order to avoid mass gatherings at bank, govt. has announced that people are not required to maintain any minimum balance in their bank accounts. This decision would be applicable to all banks in India. In case a person does not have minimum balance in their bank accounts, then no interest would be charged for this period.

Unlimited Transactions from Other Bank ATMs – People can now withdraw money from nearby ATMs without any hassle irrespective of banks. There is no charge levied on transactions from other bank ATMs.

Interest Subsidy on Crop Loans for Farmers – In order to ensure that farmers do not have to face the situation of paying penal interest and they can continue getting the benefit of short term crop loans at a 4% interest rate. The central government has decided to further to continuity the availability of 2% interest subvention to banks and 3% prompt repayment incentive to farmers.


Odisha to Provide Rice to 5 Lakh Poor People – Food Supply and Coronavirus welfare department approves inclusion of 5 lakh new beneficiaries under Odisha Food Security Scheme. In this scheme, govt. will provide rice at subsidized price of Rs. 1 per Kg to poor people.

Odisha Accommodation / Food / Medical Care initiative – The state govt. will develop quarantine facilities and arrange temporary accommodation, food and medical care for the people sheltered in quarantine camps. Odisha govt. will also setup additional testing labs and procure essential equipment to deal with the situation.

Dry Ration To Students – School and Mass Education department announced that dry ration will be given to students of Class 1st to 8th of government and government aided schools for next 90 days. For Class 1st to 5th, dry ration of 3 kg rice per month would be given. For Class 6th to 8th, dry ration of 4.5 kg rice would be given through Fair Price Shops / PDS outlets. For this purpose, headmaster of each school will give a coupon to parents/ guardians certifying that the student is a bonafide student of the school.


Old Age / Widow / Disabled Pension for Next 3 months in advance – CM Nitish Kumar announced that all pension holders covered under schemes like Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension (Old Age), Divyang Pension (Persons with Disabilities) and Vidhwa (Widow) Pension Scheme would be paid pension amount of next 3 months in advance.

Incentives to Govt. Doctors & Health Employees – All the government doctors and health employees will be paid an incentive equivalent to their one month’s basic pay.

Rs. 1,000 to All Ration Card Holder Families – All ration card holder families will get one month’s ration free of cost. Rs. 1,000 per family will be given to all ration card holder families residing in all lockdown areas. This amount will be transferred through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme.

Bihar Corona Tatkal Sahayata App – All those Biharis who are stuck outside the state in other parts of the country will now get Rs. 1,000. For this purpose, people needs to make registration at Bihar Corona Tatkal Sahayata App. Accordingly, govt. will transfer the amount into their bank accounts through DBT mode from CM Relief Fund.


Free Ration for PDS Beneficiaries – All beneficiaries under public distribution system (PDS) will get free and additional ration for one month. Around 18 lakh families will be covered under the scheme.

Free Ration to Delhi Ration Scheme Beneficiaries – Delhi govt. will provide 50% more quantity i.e 7.5 kg instead of fixed quota of 5 kg free rations to 72 lakh beneficiaries attached to Delhi Ration Scheme for 1 month. The ration will be provided free of cost. Delhi govt. has started transporting 7.5 kg of extra ration for the city’s 7.2 million beneficiaries through its fair price shops. Till date, around 1,000 fair price shops have been covered while remaining 2,300 fair price shops would be covered soon (expected till 31 March 2020).

2 Times Free Food to Homeless at Night Shelters – The state government will also provide free food twice a day to homeless at night shelters. This offer would not be restricted to occupants of those facilities. Free Lunch and Dinner would be given at 220 night shelters for each person.

Widow / Disabled / Old Age Pension Amount Doubled – The state govt. has doubled the pension amount for widow, old age and disability pension scheme. Delhi government on 28 March 2020 started disbursing old-age pensions for nearly half-a-million beneficiaries at twice the usual rate for the current month. For people above 65 years age, who are entitled a monthly pension of around Rs. 2, 250 under a government scheme, the amount had been doubled to around Rs. 4,500 for the present month.

Rs. 5,000 to Construction Workers – The state govt. of Delhi will now provide Rs. 5,000 to each construction worker to enable them to sustain their livelihood.


Medical Assistance to SC / ST Person – In case any SC / ST person is put under surveillance, essential medical assistance will be given through district administration or local self-governments.

Protein Rich Food Kits to Senior Citizens in Tribal Areas – All the individuals in tribal settlements who are above 60 years of age, will be given special protein-rich food kits. The kit will contain 500 grams of beans, 500 grams Bengal grams, 500 grams jaggery, 500 grams coconut oil and 2 kilograms of wheat. Those who lose their jobs will be ensured jobs under the MGNREGA Scheme.

Free Ration Scheme – The state govt. has provided free ration to 14.5 lakh beneficiaries on first day (2 April 2020) of ration distribution. The total quantity of rice distributed on a single day equals 21,472 metric tons. Health workers and representatives in local bodies intervened effectively in this process. Free ration distribution to continue till 20 April 2020. Strict action will be taken if there is any non-congruence in the quantity of rice supplied. Arrangements have been made to deliver rice at the homes of Endosulfan victims.

Uttar Pradesh

Cash Transfer for MGNREGA workers – UP govt. has transferred Rs. 611 crore into 27.5 lakh bank accounts of MGNREGA workers on 30 March 2020.

Rs. 1,000 p.m to Daily Wage Workers – Rs. 1000 each will be given to 15 lakh daily wage labourers and 20.37 lakh construction workers to help them meet their daily needs in UP. This financial aid would be provided to 35 lakh daily wage workers under Shramik Bharan-Poshan Yojana.

Free Ration to Antyodaya Scheme Beneficiaries – Free ration which includes 20 kg of wheat and 15 kg of rice is to be provided to more than 1.65 crore beneficiaries of Antyodaya Scheme.

Disbursement of Quarterly Pension to Old Age / Widow / Disabled – The state govt. of UP will start disbursement of quarterly pension to 83.83 lakh old age, widow and persons with disabilities.


Free Ration – Around 60 lakh ration card holders in Gujarat will now get free food items to ensure poor people not remain hungry during COVID-19 lockdown.

Tamil Nadu

Rs. 1,000, Free Rice, Sugar to All Ration Card Holders – The state govt. will provide Rs. 1000 to all ration card holders, free rice, sugar and other essential commodities. In order to avoid long queues, all the commodities will be issued on a token basis as announced by Tamilnadu CM Edappadi K Palaniswami.

1 Month Extra Salary – TN govt. will provide 1 month extra salary to doctors, nurses and all those who attend to Coronavirus patients.

COVID Relief and Development Scheme – This scheme will benefit around 2,000 MSME units who have availed loans from the Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC). The scheme would be implemented with a fund of Rs. 200 crore.

Moratorium for Crop / House Loans – Moreover, CM has also announced 3 month moratorium (till June 30) for repayment of installments for crop loans, house loans etc. and payment of certain charges for the following categories:

  • Payment of wealth tax, water tax to local bodies
  • Repayment of instalments for the crop loans availed from cooperative institutions
  • Repayment of instalments for cooperative housing societies and Tamil Nadu Housing Board
  • Repayment of instalments for the loans availed from all fishermen cooperative societies and handloom cooperative societies
  • Repayment of loans availed by MSME units from Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation
  • Repayment of soft loans availed by industrial units from SIPCOT
  • Payment of Maintenance Charge by industrial units which function in SIPCOT Industrial Parks
  • Renewal of Licence and FC for Vehicles
  • Renewal of licences under Weights and Measures Act, TN Shops and Establishment Act and Dangerous and Offence Act


2 Months Free Rice to All Ration Card Holders – CG govt. has decided to provide 2 months free rice to all ration card holders. Each family will get 35-35 kg rice absolutely free of cost to sustain their life during “complete lockdown” in India till 14 April 2020.


CM Kitchen Scheme – Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren starts CM Kitchen Scheme in Ranchi. In this scheme, govt. will serve food to 5,000 people every day. Meals would be transported from the city to villages in trains.

West Bengal

Rs. 1000 for Daily Wage Labourers – The state govt. is going to provide Rs. 1,000 for daily wage workers to sustain their life during lockdown period.


Cash Transfer to Daily Wage Workers – The Maharashtra government plans to provide cash transfers to labourers earning wages daily to reduce the economic harm that lockdowns will inflict on the force. Sources said that a proposal to provide direct bank transfers for construction workers and financial package for industries is being reviewed.

Meals to Poor People – The state govt. will now provide meals thali under Shiv Bhojan Yojana at just Rs. 5 for 1 lakh people daily for the next 3 months.

COVID-19 Treatment for Poor – The treatment for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) would be covered under the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana (MJPJAY).

Relief Package for Dairy Farmers – Maharashtra govt. announced Rs. 200 crore relief package for dairy farmers who are facing losses with most dairies cut down on collected by 25% to 30%. The govt. will buy 10 lakh litres of surplus milk from farmers at Rs. 25 / litre. This procured milk will be converted into skimmed milk powder or ghee to be sold in the market.


2 Months Social Security Pension in Advance – The state govt. of Karnataka will provide social security pension of two months in advance for the poor people.

Additional Working Days Payment under MGNREGA – Karnataka govt. will release additional working days amount in advance under MNREGA scheme and two months ration will be supplied immediately.

2 Months Ration Supply for Poor – Poor people can now avail 2 months ration which would be supplied immediately to all ration card holders.

Rs. 1,000 for Construction Workers – The state govt. will provide Rs. 1,000 per person to around 21 lakh construction workers.

Loan Waiver under Badavara Bandhu Scheme – In Badavara Bandhu (interest-free loan to roadside vendors) scheme, govt. has decided to waive Rs 13.20 crore loans. This includes Rs. 9.10 crore in 2018-19 to benefit 15,120 people and Rs 5.16 crore in 2019-20 to benefit 6,500 people.


Free Ration – Mizoram govt. has announced to provide free ration to all the economically underprivileged families.


Salary of Health Workers Doubled – The state govt. has doubled the salary of all health workers such as doctors, paramedical staff and asha workers.

Rs. 4,000 to MMPSY beneficiaries – The state govt. has transferred Rs. 4000 to 12.56 lakh families registered under the Mukhyamantri Parivar Samriddhi Yojana. Rs. 211.62 crore have been received under MMPSY scheme.

Madhya Pradesh

Free Ration Scheme – All those families whose name is not present in National Food Security Scheme beneficiaries will be given free ration. For this purpose, poor people who does not have ration card but comes in 25 categories of Samagra will be given 5 Kg ration absolutely free of cost.

State Wise Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus

The central govt. helpline number for corona-virus is +91-11-23978046. The state wise list of helpline numbers to tackle Coronavirus are mentioned in the table below:-

Helpline Numbers of States & Union Territories (UTs)
Name of the StateHelpline Nos.
Andhra Pradesh0866-2410978
Arunachal Pradesh9436055743
Himachal Pradesh104
Madhya Pradesh0755-2527177
Tamil Nadu044-29510500
Uttar Pradesh18001805145
West Bengal1800313444222, 03323412600
Andaman and Nicobar Islands03192-232102
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu104
Jammu & Kashmir01912520982, 0194-2440283

For more details, please visit the official website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare at

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