Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme to Control Price Rise – 30 Coconuts through LPG Card

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Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme to Control Price Rise – 30 Coconuts through LPG Card

Goa government has launched Coconut Subsidy Scheme for consumers. Subsequently, this government intervention scheme will reduce the prices of coconut and provide affordable nuts to consumers. Accordingly, Goa State Horticulture Ltd. (GSHCL) will provide subsidized coconuts to people at Rs. 20, Rs. 18 and Rs. 15 depending on their sizes.

The current prices of coconut lies between Rs. 30 and Rs. 50 on the basis of big, medium and small sized nuts. So, this scheme will provide coconuts to the people at wholesale rates. In addition to this, state govt. will bear the margin and transportation costs.

Under this scheme, one person can take 30 coconuts in one month (15 nuts at a time) through their LPG Card. Accordingly, all the coconuts will remain available at subsidized rates at all GSHCL outlets from 1 February 2018.

Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme

The important features and details of this scheme are as follows:-

  • To tackle the price rise of coconuts with an increasing demand, govt. has started this intervention scheme.
  • Subsequently, people will get coconut at Rs. 20 (big sized), Rs. 18 (Medium Sized) and Rs. 15 (Small Sized) instead of Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 (current price).
  • GSHCL will implement this Coconut Subsidy Scheme and provide coconuts at wholesale rates. Moreover, govt. will also bear the transportation and margin costs.
  • Henceforth, people can avail this subsidy at GSHCL outlets near them. For this, people can show their LPG Card at these outlets. Distributors will fix a ration card sticker on the back of their LPG Card to keep a record of the scheme.
  • One person can avail 30 coconuts per month up to 15 nuts at a time.
  • Furthermore, Goa state govt. will provide minimum 1.5 lakh nuts at a single outlet to meet the ever increasing demand of coconuts.

The primary objective of this government intervention scheme is to provide coconuts to the people at affordable rates as coconut is a staple food. In addition to this, Goa government will run this initiative (pilot project) for two months.

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