Free Mobile Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs in Jharkhand

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The state government of Jharkhand has announced a free mobile scheme for Women Entrepreneurs in the state. The Jharkhand government would distribute 1 Lakh free smartphones to women Entrepreneurs under the scheme. The scheme would be aimed at boosting Digital India initiative. Chief minister of Jharkhand Mr. Raghubar Das announced the free mobile scheme for one lakh women entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the rural economy in the state and the free mobile scheme will help digitization of the state and making it a cashless economy. The government wants to prepare 4,80,000 women entrepreneurs and strengthen them.

The chief minister also announced Tejaswini scheme and Johar scheme of Rs. 600 crore and Rs. 1400 Crore respectively. Under the Tejaswini Yojana, girls between 14-24 age groups will be strengthened with the help of World Bank. Girls would be provided informal education to inspire them about higher education. The government may also build skill centers under the scheme if required.

After the girl beneficiaries complete their education, they will be provided a promotion amount of Rs. 10000. The amount will be directly transferred to their saving bank accounts.

The state government through the free mobile scheme aims to make the women digitally literate and economically strong.

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  1. the scheme is great but, sir we don’t know the process to apply request for the scheme. please provide us with the contact number and email -id so that we can ask query about it.

    amit kumar bauri


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