Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand | Muft Smartphone Yojana for Farmers, Teachers, Women Entrepreneurs

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand announced on various occasions to provide free smartphones to farmers, teachers, panchayat workers, women entrepreneurs, check details of Muft Smartphone Yojana date wise झारखण्ड फ्री मोबाइल फ़ोन स्कीम - मुफ्त में स्मार्टफोन दिए जाएंगे
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Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand: Jharkhand govt. had announced to launch Free Mobile Phone Scheme or Muft Smartphone Yojana for various sections from time to time. In this scheme, smartphones were proposed to be distributed to farmers, teachers, panchayat workers and women entrepreneurs. This scheme will enable farmers to get connected to the e-NAM portal to enable them to sell their produce, teachers to get assistance through tablets, panchayat workers to perform their roles easily and women entrepreneurs for assistance in developing their ideas. This free smartphone scheme in Jharkhand will realize the PM’s vision of Digital India.

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand

These smartphones will enable transfer of technology within the farmers, teachers, panchayat workers and women entrepreneurs. The state govt. will implement this free mobile phone scheme in Jharkhand following the lines of other state’s free smartphone scheme. In this article, we will tell you about the announcements made by the state govt. from time to time regarding Jharkhand free mobile phone scheme or Muft Smartphone Yojana.

Jharkhand Free Smartphone Scheme for Farmers (Update As on 5 November 2018)

The state govt. of Jharkhand will launch a Free Smartphone Scheme to provide free mobile phones to around 28 lakh farmers. The announcement of this Free mobile Scheme in Jharkhand will take place in the next budget i.e 2019-20. Farmers will be able to connect to e-NAM which is an online trading platform for agriculture commodities in India.

e-NAM market facilitates farmers, traders and buyers with online trading in commodities. This market is also helpful in better price discovery and provide facilities for smooth marketing of their produce. The state govt. has recently sent several farmers to Israel so as to enable them to learn to maximize their farming activities with limited resources.

Agriculture sector is the largest contributor to the economy and the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. This sector involves more than 50% of the total population in India and generates direct and indirect employment which is essential for the growth of the economy.

So, it is the responsibility of the state govt. to ensure hi-tech facilities to farmers, make them learn about modern practises to improve the quality and quantity of the forest produce.

Jharkhand Free Smartphone Yojana Farmers
Jharkhand Free Smartphone Yojana Farmers

So, providing free smartphones to the farmers is a major step towards the overall development of farmers and the entire agriculture sector. This Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand will realize the vision of “Doubling Farmers income by 2022”.

Gyanodaya Free Tablet Scheme for Teachers in Jharkhand (Update As on 11 September 2017)

The state government of Jharkhand has launched “Gyanodaya Scheme” for schools teachers. The objective of this scheme is to distribute tablets to teachers of 40 thousand schools across the state.

The chief Minister of Jharkhand has introduced Gyanodaya scheme at the occasion of the Teachers’ Association of Honor organized at the Panabhatta Stadium. A tablet will be given to teachers to carry out their work online anywhere at any time.

The aim of this Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand scheme is not only the real time monitoring of schools but it will also help in knowing online the learning outcomes of children. Through online software, teachers, children’s attendance, drop out, mid- day meal etc. will be monitored online by the department of education, Jharkhand.

The NITI aayog has decided to develop the School Education Quality Index to measure the results of the schools across the country. This scheme will also help to measure the performance of school management. Many schemes are also being included to check the activity of schools like e-Vidyavahini, e-mid-day meals and teachers’ English training programs etc.

Recently, the cabinet has given its approval for the Gyanodaya Scheme with the cost of Rs. 63 crores and 60 Lakhs. These scheme will empower the teachers to become a good learner. Through the tablet, the teachers will keep learning new things all the time and acquiring knowledge from different online sources.

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand for Panchayat Workers (Update As on 27 May 2017)

Chief Minister of Jharkhand has announced a new free smartphones scheme for panchayat workers. The state government would provide free smartphones to panchayat swayam sevak under the Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand. The smartphones under the new scheme would be distributed on the lines of mobile phones distributed by the PM among members of Sakhi mandals in Sahibganj in April.

The announcement of the smartphones scheme for panchayat workers was made during a Panchayat Swayam Sevak’s meet “Sarkar Aapke Dwar” at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Dhurva. The state minister for rural development urged the CM to launch such a scheme for Panchayat workers.

The main objective of the smartphone scheme is to empower the Panchayat Swayam Sevak’s with the digital technology. The smartphones scheme would help Panchayat Workers seamlessly connect and communicate with the government departments.

The Panchayat Swayam Sevaks would also be paid for their contribution in the implementation of central government’s flagship housing scheme “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” in the state. The state government would build 2.2 Lakh houses in the state under PMAY-Urban.

Free Mobile Phone Scheme Jharkhand for Women Entrepreneurs (Update as on 9 March 2017)

The state government of Jharkhand has announced a free mobile phone scheme Jharkhand for Women Entrepreneurs in the state. The Jharkhand government would distribute 1 Lakh free smartphones to women Entrepreneurs under the scheme. The scheme would be aimed at boosting Digital India initiative. Chief minister of Jharkhand Mr. Raghubar Das announced the free mobile scheme for one lakh women entrepreneurs. Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the rural economy in the state and the free mobile scheme will help digitization of the state and making it a cashless economy. The government wants to prepare 4,80,000 women entrepreneurs and strengthen them.

The chief minister also announced Tejaswini scheme and Johar scheme of Rs. 600 crore and Rs. 1400 Crore respectively. Under the Tejaswini Yojana, girls between 14-24 age groups will be strengthened with the help of World Bank. Girls would be provided informal education to inspire them about higher education. The government may also build skill centers under the scheme if required.

After the girl beneficiaries complete their education, they will be provided a promotion amount of Rs. 10000. The amount will be directly transferred to their saving bank accounts. The state government through the free mobile phone scheme Jharkhand aims to make the women digitally literate and economically strong.

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