Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme May Soon Launch in Kerala

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Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme May Soon Launch in Kerala

Cochin Cancer Research Center (CCRC), Kerala is going to launch Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme to provide cancer treatment to each family in the state. Under the scheme, interested candidates can make their registrations in the scheme by paying a certain amount and cover the whole family for cancer treatment. Subsequently, If any family member requires cancer treatment, it will be given free of cost.

According to the notification, the family member of BPL category are already taking the benefits of free treatment up to Rs. 8 lakh under various government schemes like Karunya and Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

The children up to the age of 12 years will also get free of cost cancer treatment. Hence, this scheme will mainly target the families which belong to APL (Above Poverty Line) category.

Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme

The officials of CCRC had completed the preliminary round of negotiation with some insurance companies of the state. The CCRC department will provide many options to subscribe the benefits of the scheme. The interested family can choose the option for different types of benefits under the scheme.

It should be remembered that the cost of each plan of the scheme would vary. For instance, if an interested family subscribes the plan of Rs. 20,000 which is a one time payment, it will be eligible only for the treatment up to a few lakhs. However, if the premium amount goes up, the benefit amount of the treatment cost also will go up.

Moreover, the government has informed that during the discussion with an insurance company, they found some certain problems which will have to be sorted out before starting the scheme. In addition, the government has started consultation with the banks of the state which had associated with a similar scheme introduced by Regional Cancer Centre (RCC).

The government is also planning to procure medicines required for the treatment from Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd (KMSCL). The CCRC department will complete the framework of this scheme in few months.

However, the scheme has not been officially launched yet, as soon as this scheme is launched, all the details would be updated here.

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