Exam Warriors Book by PM Narendra Modi for Students to Manage Examination Stress

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Exam Warriors Book by PM Narendra Modi for Students to Manage Examination Stress

PM Narendra Modi has launched a new book Exam Warriors for students. Subsequently, this new book will help children in management of stress of the examination. Accordingly, this book will help in developing stress free attitude to exams as the board examinations are approaching. In this book, PM Modi has given 25 new mantras which aims at developing self confidence among students.

Along with these mantras of success, PM has also share some useful asanas in his book. This book also contains other interactive elements like bar codes for e-reading. This is a 208 page book which is written in fun and an interactive manner.

This book will encourage students to treat examinations as a festival and celebrate it. Moreover, this book is also useful for parents, teachers and is dedicated to the youth of “New India”.

Exam Warriors – 25 Mantras in Students Book

This book consists of 25 chapters (mantras) which gives advice to the kids to counter stress to write the board exams. In addition to this, this book also contains yoga asanas to manage stress. Subsequently, Penguin Random House has published this book. The primary objective is to create an Exam Warrior Community and to motivate them to do something passionate. Accordingly, the 25 Mantras / Chapters are as follows:-

  • Exams are like festivals-Celebrate them!
  • Exams Test Your Current Preparation, Not You. Chill!
  • Laugh In, Laugh Out. Smile fosters relaxation
  • Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier!
  • Knowledge is Permanent-Pursue It
  • Compete-with Yourself
  • It’s Your Time-Make the Most of It.
  • The Present Is God’s Greatest ‘Present’-Live Here and Now
  • Technology Is a Great Teacher-Embrace It
  • To Do Your Best, Take Adequate Rest
  • Sleep is a Great Weapon-Sharpen It
  • Play to Shine
  • Be Your Own Anchor-Celebrate Your Strengths
  • Revise and Become Wise
  • Little Things Matter-Observe Exam Discipline
  • Your Exam, Your Methods-Choose Your Own Style
  • Presentation Is Key-Master It
  • To Cheat Is to Be Cheap
  • The Answer Sheet Is a One-Way Ticket—Move Ahead
  • Discover Yourself-Experience All That Life Offers
  • India is Incredible – Travel and Explore
  • As One Journey Ends, Another Begins
  • Aspire, Not to Be, but to Do
  • Be Grateful
  • Yoga Brings Transformation-Practice Regularly

Narendra Modi is the most famous and admired political leader. This book is necessary for empowerment of students to carry forward their interests. Subsequently, this book will also help in employment generation (to create more jobs). Moreover, Exam Warriors will motivate students to do something driven by passion instead of seeking into something.

This book will emphasize the importance of play, sleep and even travel. Furthermore, Exam Warrior book will act as a friend for students to get good marks in the examinations and will enable them to face life in a better way.

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