E-RaKAM Portal Registration Process for Selling Agricultural Products

Dated: August 2, 2017 | Updated On: September 16, 2019 | By: Rajesh Kumar |
e-Rakam Portal

The central government has launched a portal named ‘E-RaKAM’ (e-Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi), an easiest way to sell agricultural products. It is a digital platform that enable farmers to sell their agricultural products through auction.

The state-run-auctioneer MSTC and Central Warehousing Corporation jointly has launched the E-RaKAM portal. The main objective of this portal is to help Indian farmers to sell their products in larger market and get the good price of their products. The farmers would get the payment for their products directly into their bank accounts without any intermediaries.

Benefits of E-Rakam Portal

  • Farmers can sell agricultural products on the portal to anyone across the country.
  • Various E-Rakam centers are being developed to facilitate farmers for online sale their products across the country.
  • The portal is a single platform where farmers, FPOs, PSUs, Civil supplies and buyers can sell and buy agricultural products.
  • This portal will connect farmers from small villages to sell their agricultural products at global market level.
  • There would be no intermediaries, bidders can buy or sell their quality products without any intervention.

E-Rakam Portal Registration

Step 1: For the online registration at E-RaKAM portal, the users have to visit on the at crwc.in.
Step 2: After reaching the website, click at e- Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi (e-RAKAM) Portal link visible in the notification.
Step 3: Click on the “Registration” button and you can make the registration as buyer, seller and admin.
Step 5: If you are a farmer looking to sell your products, select “Register as Seller”.
Step 6: Fill all required information in the E-RaKAM Seller Registration Form as shown below.

e-Rakam Seller Registration Form

e-Rakam Seller Registration Form

Step 7: Finally, click at ‘Submit’ button and you are now registered as seller.

After getting registered, the farmers can upload the information of their products along with the price and sell in global markets.

To get more detailed about the portal visit the official website at www.crwc.in.

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