Download Aadhar Payment App for Merchants for Cashless Transactions

December 25, 2016 | UPDATED ON: July 1, 2018
Aadhar Pay - Aadhar Payment App

Aadhar Payment App is a new Android application designed for merchants which will allow them to accept digital cashless payments from their customers. The Aadhar Payment App named as “Aadhar Pay” can be downloaded from Google Play Store directly on your smartphone.

Aadhar Payment App Download

The Aadhar Payment App will be launched today on 25th December and initially it can be downloaded only on Android Smartphones. The detailed procedure to download and install Aadhar Payment App is given below.

Steps to Download Aadhar Payment App

  1. Make sure data connection in your Android smartphone is “ON”
  2. Open “Play Store” app from the list of applications installed on your smartphone.
  3. After opening the Google Play Store just search for “Aadhar Payment App”, as given in the image below.
    Aadhar Payment App Download

    Aadhar Payment App Download

  4. After searching, click “Aadhar Pay” from the list of apps and then hit the “Download” button on next screen.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to download and install Aadhar Pay App.

Download Links for Aadhar Payment App
The exact links to download Aadhar Payment App will be available soon after the App is officially launched by the government.

After installing the Aadhar Pay App, the merchants would be required to connect their smartphone and Aadhar Pay app with the biometric scan device.

The merchants may would also be required to register themselves on the Aadhar Payment App before start receiving payments from the customers. The merchants may also need to enter their Aadhar number and bank account details where they want to receive digital payments from customers.

Payment can be sent by the customers through Aadhar Payment App by just entering their Aadhar number and giving their thumb impression which will act as the transaction password.

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