Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana (DSY) to be Extended in Surendaranagar

Dated: July 12, 2016 | Updated On: July 12, 2016 | By: Rajesh Kumar | 2515 Views |
Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana

Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana, an initiative of state Government of Gujarat to tackle malnourishment will now be extended to three talukas of Surendaranagar district. As per the announcement made by the CM of Gujarat, Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana will now be extended to Dhrangadhra, Patdi and Lakhtar.

Under the Yojana, the primary school children in these three districts will get milk with their midday meal. Under the scheme, each primary school student in these three districts will get flavoured milk with the mid day meal. The students will be provided a pouch containing 200ml of flavoured milk along with the mid day meal for the five days a week.

Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana was launched and implemented to improve the nutrition level in children in tribal areas of central and eastern Gujarat. But the scheme has been extended to other developing talukas in order to improve health of children there.

After the inclusion of three new districts, the number of talukas covered under the Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana in Surendranagar has been increased to 6. Children in Chotala, Thangadh and Sayla talukas of the district have been receiving milk since March this year.

DSY has been successful in improving the nutrition level in children in the districts already getting benefits of the scheme.

The number of beneficiaries will go up to 1.08 lakh with an increase of 53,000 in the newly added three districts.

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