e-Dharti Geo Portal for Mapping of Govt. Properties in Delhi

e-Dharti Geo Portal for mapping of all government properties in Delhi using GIS technology with map showing location, govt. to know actual status of vacant property whether there is any encroachment
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The Land and Development Office (L&DO) department of central government has accelerated the mapping of all its properties using GIS technology. Now the state govt. has launched e-Dharti Geo Portal to map all the govt. properties in Delhi. Till date, details of over 8,000 properties out of 65,000 have already been validated. The details of these properties are uploaded on the e-dharti geoportal.

L&DO is the 2nd largest land owner after Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in the national capital. The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister, Hardeep Puri launched the e-Dharti app and e-Dharti GeoPortal for mapping of govt. properties.

This e-Dharti Geo Portal would help the general public in getting all the essential information on fingertips.

Delhi e-Dharti Geo Portal

This new e-dharti geoportal in Delhi would enable the government to effectively manage its properties. All the people who wants to check that the property belongs to govt. or not can access the E-Dharti Geo Portal through the link given below:-

E-Dharti Geoportal Features & Property Card

The important features and highlights of this new E-Dharti Geo Portal are as follows:-

  • The e-Dharti Geo Portal would enable the lessee of the property to see the basic details of property. Even the map showing the location of property is also available.
  • In case the lessee asks for the Property Card, then he could get the same from the office.
  • e-Dharti GeoPortal will also benefit the government as it would let the govt. know about the actual status of its vacant properties. Moreover, govt. would also came to know whether there is any encroachment on the property.
  • Delhi government is in process of digitising and integrating other 3 modules – Sale Permission, Mortgage Permission and Gift Permission.

After completion of digitisation and integration, this would serve a long way to streamline the working of property related matters. This e-dharti geoportal will make it more public friendly, efficient, accountable and transparent.

Union housing minister, Hardeep Puri is keen on implementation of recommendations after getting approval from cabinet. The ministry wants that the promise is delivered quickly and the report doesn’t remain in the shelf only.

All the recommendations are going to be implemented in a given time frame. The Housing Ministry will soon prepare the cabinet proposal after going through the report.

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