DEEKSHA – Raising the Standard of Education in Uttarakhand

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DEEKSHA – Raising the Standard of Education in Uttarakhand

State Government of Uttarakhand has launched a new initiative named as DEEKSHA (Dedication to enhance education through knowledge, skill and habit assessment) to raise the standard of education in the state.

The DEEKSHA program aims to increase the number of registrations in Government schools in the state. Under the program, student’s progress would be improved by taking corrective measures and proper speculations. Such initiatives would also compel other students to join Govt. schools.

Proper inspection of quality of education and teachers in schools would be conducted by the respective district magistrates.

DEEKSHA program consists of two key assessment policies as mentioned below:
1. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)
2. LLA (Learning Level Assessment)

Both the policies would work to assess the knowledge of the students. CCE would function at the primary level while LLA at the senior levels.

State government also released a booklet containing all the guidelines for the implementation of the DEEKSHA program.

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