Corona Kavach Mobile App Download for Android Phone to Track Coronavirus (COVID 19) at Home

Indian govt. starts Corona Kavach mobile app download from google play store for android phone users, track COVID-19 at home, get hourly alerts, direct link

Indian govt. has launched Corona Kavach Mobile App for android phone users to track Coronavirus (COVID-19) at home. People can now perform Corona Kavach Mobile App Download from google play store as COVID-19 tracker. This app is released by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) of central government. At present Corona Kavach Android App is in its beta stage.

The Corona Kavach Mobile App is still a work in progress and crashed few times while testing along with lots of trouble in trying to generate OTP to login. The main objective is to use person’s smartphone data to track their location and alert them if they are at risk of being exposed to Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

LATEST UPDATE: This app has been removed from Google Play Store, Download links are now not working.

This Corona Kavach app aims to provide information about COVID 19 and capture information using the android phones of people.

Corona Kavach Mobile App Download from Google Play Store

The Corona Kavach Mobile App has been developed in public interest to provide info. and capture Coronavirus outbreak. The data would be used to conduct analysis and provide info. about active COVID 19 cases in India. This app will also contain additional features such as tracking of your breathing capacity as well as survey form to keep self check. The direct link to download Corona Kavach Mobile App is given below:- [LINK NOT WORKING]

Corona Kavach Mobile app will track the data of the users every 1 hour to alert them of whether they have crossed paths with any person who has tested positive for the infection. The new beta version of Corona Kavach app makes users sign in using their mobile phone numbers and uses GPS to track their movement. This app was last updated on 24 March 2020 with 5 lakh+ installations till date. The size of app is 5.2 MB, current version is 1.1.2 and requires android 5.0 and up.

How Corona Kavach App Works

The way which Corona Kavach Mobile App is supposed to work is simple and as follows:-

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  • Six Questions – Firstly, people fill out a form with 6 questions asked which are:-
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Body temperature
    • Foreign travel details
    • Dry cough or sore throat
    • Body ache
    • Meeting with anyone from a foreign country
  • Category / Colour Code – On the basis of answers of these questions, app will sort you into different categories
    • Green colour code for all fine
    • Orange colour code indicates that you must go for see a doctor
    • Yellow colour code for quarantine
    • Red colour code for infected person

Afterwards, whenever people go out of the house, they can press a button to activate the “Kavach” app. This will track their movements for 1 hour. In case someone else has the Corona Kavach app and has marked themselves as infected or quarantine and you come into the same vicinity, then app will give you an alert.

Privacy Concerns for Corona Kavach App

This Corona Kavach app could raise privacy concerns among Indian citizens. The app description suggests that identity of any citizen would not be disclosed to any govt., server or any 3rd party client. All the users would be informed in case they comes within the infection range of host or carrier of disease.

Corona Kavach Mobile Application Special Features

This Corona Kavach Mobile application will help in identifying the relevant chain of contact. Accordingly, the users will be alerted of the potential infection range so that they can act accordingly. The new beta Corona Kavach app uses colour codes to figure out whether user has come in contact with COVID-19 carrier or not. One colour will identify the user who has never come in contact with an infected person. Another colour will indicate if user is in close proximity of Coronavirus carrier. For this purpose, the app will use info. of all identified positive cases of coronavirus in India so far.

How to Use Corona Kavach Mobile App

After downloading and installation of Corona Kavach app, a new screen will appear which specified that app is developed by MeitY and MoHFW. People can read through next few screens and then app asks for permissions to track location, access files on your devices. Afterwards, an OTP would be sent on the registered mobile number for authentication purposes. At homepage, people can get basic info. on no. of people infected, cured and deaths. People can then go to main menu and fill question answers to let app know your status.

Clicking the Corona Kavach logo will start the one-hour countdown, which is how long the app will track your location. In case you come into contact with someone else who has set their status to infected, the app is supposed to issue an alert.

Problems in Implementation of Corona Kavach App

There are some problems in Corona Kavach App in its proper working which are as follows:-
— This app will require an extraordinary amount of cooperation from the public.
— The idea is that enough people will install this app and will voluntarily inform the government about their infected status.
— Moreover, people also remember to turn it on whenever they go to any public place.

Corona Kavach app does not even take into account the method being used to identify when someone infected is in proximity – location tracking via GPS might not be accurate enough to do this effectively. Due to these challenges, it is hard to ensure that this app would be effective. But in case people are still interested in getting this app, people can check how to use Corona Kavach app.

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