Click Pictures and Get 10 % Rewards on Illegal Parked Car Issue

Dated: November 28, 2017 | Updated On: November 28, 2017 | By: Rajesh Kumar | 1398 Views |
Reward Illegal Car Parked

The central government is going to address the illegal parking issue all over the country. Recently, Transport Ministry of Government of India has announced that the person who will send the picture of illegal parking to the concerned authority will get the 10% reward of the fine amount.

The central government is going to frame a policy to resolve the issue of illegal parking. Because the illegal parking is a cause of distracting the common citizen. In addition, VIP also parks their car on roads due to the insufficient space of parking.

Actually, the car parking has become a serious issue especially in metro cities and urban areas. Because increasing the number of vehicles day-by-day that’s why people parking their vehicles on the roads, which leads to heavy traffic in the area. Therefore, the transport minister has decided to give reward a 10 percent share from Rs. 500 fine imposed on the owner of the vehicle for illegal parking.

However, this reward only for those people who will send the picture of illegal parking to the concerned authority or police.

Illegal Parking Issue

Although, the central government will focus to create automated multi-level car parking in the Transport Bhawan. This transport Bhawan will be the first government building in the country having an automated multi-level car parking facility. The total cost project will be Rs. 9 crores which would be given by the government. After completing the project, around 112 cars can be easily parked in the Transport Bhavan.

This project will comprise of ground plus seven floors which would be constructed by the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited(NHIDCL). The parking space will spread over an area of 314 sq meters with 22 meter height. The cars in the parking will retrieve in a time span of 120 seconds.

Moreover, the central government is also considering to amend in the Motor Vehicle Bill to bring reforms in the Transportation sector.The amendment bill will include sufficient fines for violation of Traffic Rules and also reform in the licensing system.

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