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Claim BHIM App Cashback Scheme upto Rs. 1000 for both Customer and Merchant

April 16, 2018 | UPDATED ON: April 16, 2018
Bhim App Cashback Scheme Customers Merchants

Central govt. has launched BHIM App Cashback Scheme on the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. This offer will provide cashback upto Rs. 750 for customers and Rs. 1000 for merchants. Under this BHIM Scheme, first successful transaction will provide Rs. 51 as cashback while other transactions will bring more cashback upto Rs. 750 to customers. Moreover, merchants can get cashback upto Rs. 1,000 per month. Interested candidates can claim cashback and for more details, visit at

Last Year, BHIM App was launched on 14 April 2018 and has launched this cashback offer on completion of its 1 year. For cashback of Rs. 51 on First transaction, there is no minimum limit. So, any person can avail this cashback even on transaction of Rs. 1.

National Payments Corporation of India runs this Bharat Interface for Money. This app is available at the Playstore and can easily be downloaded. To run this app, people must have their bank account linked with their mobile number.

Claim Cashback for Customers – BHIM App Cashback Scheme

All the customers are entitled to avail cashback upto Rs. 750. In order to claim the cashback offer, candidates need to follow the following steps:-

  • Cashback On Joining (Rs. 51) – Customers will get Rs. 51 as cashback after successful completion of their first transaction of Sending Money to any other user. This includes the following steps:-
    • Firstly download the BHIM App from Playstore.
    • Make registration using the mobile number registered with bank account.
    • Finally send Rs. 1 or more in a transaction to earn a cashback of Rs. 51.
  • Bhim App Cashback On Joining

    Bhim App Cashback On Joining

  • Cashback on Unique Transactions (Max. Cashback is Rs. 500) – For every unique transaction with minimum value of Rs. 100 through VPA / UPI ID / Account Number / Mobile Number, candidates will get cashback of Rs. 25. The maximum cashback which any customer can earn is Rs. 500 in a single month.
  • Earned Cashback for Transactions with Minimum Value of Rs. 10 (Max. Cashback is Rs. 250) – For all transactions having a min. value of Rs. 10, cashback can be earned depending on the number of transactions in a month as follows:-
    • If number of transactions lies between 25 to 50, then BHIM App customers will get an incentive of Rs. 100.
    • For number of transactions lying between 50 to 100, then customers of BHIM Scheme will get Rs. 200 as cashback.
    • If number of transactions are more than 100, then customers will get Rs. 250 as cashback.
  • Bhim Scheme Cashback On Transactions

    Bhim Scheme Cashback On Transactions

Thus the cashback on Joining for new users is Rs. 51. Moreover, there is more cashback on more transactions and a customer can earn cashback worth Rs. 750 in a single month.

Claim Cashback For Mechants – BHIM App Cashback Scheme

All the merchants can avail cashback worth Rs. 1000 in a month. To claim the cashback offer, candidates need to follow the steps given below:-

  • Cashback for BHIM App Users – All the BHIM App Users who have downloaded the BHIM App and declared themselves as “I am a Merchant” can claim cashback as follows:-
    • All the Merchants of BHIM App who are receiving payments via BHIM / BHIM UPI App will get a cashback of 10% of transaction value. Maximum cashback limit is Rs. 50 per transaction.
    • For this cashback, minimum number of credit transactions must be more than 10.
    • Moreover, value of each transaction must be equal to or greater than Rs. 25.
  • Merchant Cashback Bhim App Users

    Merchant Cashback Bhim App Users

  • Any Other BHIM UPI App User – Any Bank merchant who is not a BHIM App User but is receiving payments through BHIM / BHIM UPI App will also get cashback as follows:-
    • Any User receiving payments through BHIM UPI App will get cashback of 10% of the transaction value with maximum limit of Rs. 50.
    • For this cashback for merchants, number of transactions must be equal to or greater than 5 and minimum transaction value should be greater than Rs. 25.

    Bhim Scheme Cashback Merchants

    Bhim Scheme Cashback Merchants

    BHIM App supports Hindi and English Language along with other Indian languages. BHIM App is based on Universal Payments Interface (UPI) and performs secure transaction. Any candidates whether a bhim app user or not can receive payments through BHIM UPI App.

    For this, all the customers and merchants nees to have a bank account to get payment. BHIM also has options to transfer via IFSC, MMID as well for non-UPI banks. This is a major step towards the “Digital India” initiative. For more details, visit the official website

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