Central Govt. Approves to Setup Residential Schools for Girls of SC Community

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Central Govt. Approves to Setup Residential Schools for Girls of SC Community

Central Government is going to provide funds for the setting up of Residential Schools for Girls. Subsequently, govt. will fund the construction of schools entirely for the girl children belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) Community. Moreover, govt. will provide money for the purchase of essential items like furniture, recreation and garden.

The primary objective of this scheme is to provide high quality education to the girls belonging to the weaker sections. These residential schools will get constructed in those districts which have a larger populations of SC Community.

The central govt. will provide funds only to those residential schools which covers class VI to Class XII.

Implementation of Plan to Setup Residential Schools

The central govt. will implement this scheme in the following manner:-

  • Firstly the state govt. shall take initiative to open a new school.
  • Subsequently, state governments will have to prepare proposals along with allocating land absolutely free of cost for the schools.
  • Afterwards, the interested govt. must submit the detailed project report (DPR) to construct Residential schools for SC girls. Moreover this DPR must also include the allotment of lands for schools.
  • Accordingly on the basis of submitted proposal, Ministry will select the location of the proposed school.
  • Finally, central govt. will release funds for construction purpose along with purchase of necessary items.
  • In addition to this, state govt. will have to manage operations on daily basis.
  • However, central govt. will also allot some funds for the running cost for the initial 3 years.

This scheme is to provide residential facilities to the girls in their schools and to raise the level of education. Subsequently, this scheme will benefit the girls who are deprived of such facilities. Furthermore, central govt. will add this scheme to the already functioning Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojna (BJRCY).

Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojna (BJRCY)

BJRCY scheme is to provide residential accommodation facilities to the boys and girls from the deprived sections (SC Community). This central govt. schemes aims at constructions of hostels for the children. This scheme is for all the SC students who are studying in middle schools, secondary schools, senior secondary schools, colleges and universities.

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