Ayushman Tripura Yojana – Cashless Healthcare Scheme for Poor People

Ayushman Tripura Scheme to provide cashless treatment to poor people upto Rs. 5 lakh in govt. / private hospitals, check eligibility & details, scheme to follow lines of Ayushman Bharat or PM Jan Arogya Yojana
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Tripura government is soon going to launch a new healthcare scheme on lines of Ayushman Bharat – PM Jan Arogya Yojana. The new scheme will be named as Ayushman Tripura Scheme & will provide cashless and paperless treatment upto Rs. 5 lakh. Poor people will get this free of cost treatment at all government and private empanelled hospitals.

Ayushman Tripura Scheme would cover 3.57 lakh persons and issuance of cards to the beneficiaries would cost the state exchequer around Rs. 9 crores. Poor people will be either benefited by the Ayushman Bharat Scheme or Ayushman Tripura. As the Ayushman Bharat Scheme only covers those whose name is present in SECC 2011 data but this scheme will cover all poor people.

The state govt. will introduce Ayushman Tripura Scheme soon where poor people will not have to pay anything to avail treatment.

Ayushman Tripura Scheme 2019

Ayushman Tripura Scheme will enable quality treatment for all poor people across the state. All the people whose name is not present in the SECC 2011 data list (Ayushman Bharat List) but are poor would be covered under Ayushman Tripura scheme. E-cards would be issued to beneficiaries to avail cashless treatment at all govt. / empanelled private hospitals.

In future, health services will be cheaper for poor people. The state govt. has made all health services free for Antyodaya Annapurna Yojana (AAY) beneficiaries. The tariff rates have been reduced by 35% for priority group households. However, tariffs for the Above Poverty Level people or APL have been hiked. There are around 1.08 lakh AAY families, 4.70 lakh families from Priority Group households and 12 lakh families from APL category.

Tripura Healthcare Tariff Rates Notification Dated 6 Sept 2019

Notification dated 6 September 2019 contains revised tariff rates of health care services like oxygen cylinders, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), diagnoses, cabin charges and diet. Some of the important features of revised tariff rates are as follows:-
— APL and Priority Group households needs to pay Rs. 20
— Rs. 10 for Outdoor Patient Treatment (OPD) Registration
— APL category & Priority Group In-patient Registration – Rs. 30 & 20
— ICU bed for Priority Group & AAY patients – Rs. 300
— ICU Bed for APL patients – Rs. 600 per day
— Hospital Diet for AAY & Priority Group – Free
— Hospital Diet for APL category – Rs. 50 per day
— Diagnostics Tests for AAY beneficiaries – Free
— Diagnostics Tests for Priority Group – 50% of Central govt. health scheme (CGHS)
— Diagnostics Test for APL patients – As per CGHS

The notification comprises of 337 clinical tests including radiology and pathological diagnostic tests. However, the actual figure is only 286. Till date, no revised tariff rates have been implemented while 51 items in notification were repeated.

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