Automation of Fair Price Shops Scheme Launched in Haryana

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Automation of Fair Price Shops is a new initiative introduced by the state government of Haryana under which the state government would install automation systems in the fair price shops.

The automation of fair price shops would be achieved by provisioning of point of sale device at every fair price shop with connectivity to ensure Aadhaar-based biometric identification of the beneficiaries and online transactions of food grains and other commodities.

The automation will benefit 29.30 lakh poor families and 1.32 crore beneficiaries in the state.

The scheme of automation of fair price shops was launched by the Prime Minister of India during the Haryana Golden Jubilee event held in Gurugram on 1st November. The PM also launched two other schemes namely Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana and Kerosene free Haryana.


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  1. nothing has changed till now even today we dont get information about delivery of grain at depo and officers are inefficient and corrupt afer post to pillar of 3-4 months they take this matter seriously and after wasting so much money time and energy what the meaning of that beg and this is the situation of well educated people like us what about those illiterate peoples they are badly treated by your officers.and please arrange about alert system of message of reaching food at depo on our mobile no. then arrange pos for us.after wastin 4 to 5 hrs in a day for 15 to 20 kg grain is not good governance.


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