Atta-Dal Scheme Cards in Punjab to be Replaced with New Smart Cards

April 24, 2017 | UPDATED ON: April 26, 2019
Atta Dal Scheme in Punjab

Similar to Smart Cards in Tamilnadu, the newly formed state government of Punjab has also decided to replace the blue ration cards of Atta-Dal scheme with new smart cards. The state government has ordered the officials to replace the old blue cards having pictures of previous chief minister Prakash Sing Badal with the new smart cards. The Atta-Dal scheme cards were issued by the food and supplies department to over 30-lakh beneficiaries under previous government.

The state government of Punjab has already ordered the review of the beneficiaries of Atta-Dal scheme. The old cards of the scheme are now invalid and new smart cards will be issued against the old blue cards.

The new smart cards to be issued under the Atta Dal scheme will be linked with the Aadhar number of the beneficiary. The scheme will be computerized and the process will begin soon.

The smart cards for distribution of Atta and Dal to people belonging to Below Poverty Line would  definitely help bring transparency in the implementation of scheme and remove any bogus beneficiaries.

As per the website of Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs of Punjab new Atta-Dal scheme will benefits about 1.42 Crore beneficiaries in the state. Under the scheme wheat would be provided at the rate of Rs. 2  per Kg in a 30 KG standard packing. Under the scheme every member of the scheme would get 5KG of wheat per month without any upper cap.

The distribution of wheat under the Atta – Dal scheme would be done at the doorstep of the beneficiary by the department itself. The detailed information about Atta-Dal scheme can be found on the official website at below link.

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