Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List 2021 – Scooty / Fee Waiver / Free Textbook / Uniform / Mess Bill Subsidy & Complete Details

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List 2021 PDF Download Online, scooty for girls, admission fee waiver, free textbooks, uniform, mess bills subsidy & monthly allowance for students among other benefits for students
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Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List 2021: Assam government has launched a new Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2021 for students and its list is now available online. Finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had already announced this scheme as a one of the 18 flagship programmes in the earlier Assam state budget for FY 2021-22. In this umbrella scheme, govt. will provide admission fee waiver, free textbooks, uniforms in govt. schools. Along with this textbook assistance to UG / PG students, mess dues, one time education loan subsidy, scooty to girls would also be provided. Students can even check their name by downloading Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List.

The meritorious female students of Class 12th in Assam will get these scooters. Pragyan Bharti Scheme is now considered as the best scheme for graduate and post graduate students. Here we are going to tell you about the salient features and highlights of this scheme.

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2021 Components

Assam government has announced several benefits in the umbrella scheme named Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2021. These benefits comes with an objective of promoting secondary and higher education.

Admission Fee Waiver

In the fee waiver scheme, govt. will ensure a provision for admission fee waiver for students with parental incomes of less than Rs. 2 lakh. A total of 17,84,890 students have taken advantage of this fee waiver to further their higher education ambitions. The Assam government declared on 6 September 2021 that the fee waiver Pragyan Bharti scheme will continue this year i.e from 2021-22.

Under the Pragyan Bharati scheme, students with parental income less than two lakh can get free admission in H.S, Degree and M.A., M.Sc and M.Com courses respectively. The Assam Higher Education Department said that students who have taken the fee waivers earlier can apply for their second and third year admission. The scheme can be used by final year students of M.A., M.Sc, and M.Com.

Students whose Parents Work in Government Sector will Not Benefit

Students whose parents work under the central or state government can’t take benefits of admission fee waiver under Pragyan Bharati scheme. Students will have to submit an undertaking stating that their parents aren’t working for the state or central government.

Students with less than 75% attendance not eligible

The eligibility for this scheme depends on the student’s parental income. The parental income should be less than 2 lakh per annum. Students who have less than 75% of attendance will not be able to benefit from this scheme. The private colleges, universities, and Central Universities located in Assam won’t be providing the advantages to the scholars.

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Name of Institutes to fall under Assam Admission Fee Waiver Scheme

Government institutes providing benefits under the Pragyan Bharti scheme are:-

  • Gauhati University, Guwahati
  • Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh
  • Bodoland University, Kokrajhar
  • Cotton University, Guwahati
  • Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University, Nalbari.
  • Women’s University, Jorhat
  • Bhattadev University, Bajali
  • Rabindranath Tagore University, Hojai
  • Madhabdev university, Lakhimpur
  • Majuli University of Culture, Majuli
  • Sati Sadhini Raijyik Viswavidyalaya

Students to Submit Proof of Income

Students will have to submit their parental income certificate from the local revenue circle officer to avail benefits. The certificates submitted by the students will be checked by the Director of Higher Education. Amidst the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, many students have been facing financial issues in paying the college semester fee as their parents have either lost their jobs or the salary has not been credited on time. Pragyan Bharti Scheme will help those students and parents to ease a sigh of relief to pay the college fees. 

Free Text Books

Assam govt. has announced distribution of free texts books to students till under graduate level. There are currently 1,08,83,914 beneficiaries under this free text book scheme.

How to Avail Textbook Assistance

The amount will be paid directly to the bank account of the students. All the students are requested to Contact College Administrator to avail the benefits of Pragyan Bharti Scheme.

Free Uniforms to School Students

In parallel with free textbooks, Assam government had announced free uniforms to students in government schools till class 8th. This scheme has now been rolled out to include all students enrolled in government schools up to class 10th at a cost of Rs. 700 per year per uniform. 44,32,368 students have benefited under this scheme so far.

Monthly Allowance for School / College Students

In times to come, the state govt. is planning to provide a monthly allowance for school / college students. This allowance would be given to cover the food and transportation expenses incurred by students while attending schools and colleges.

Subsidy on Mess Bills for Students in Hostels

The state government has announced a subsidy on mess bills for the students staying in hostels of government / provincial colleges and universities. The subsidy amount is of Rs. 700 per student per month which is to be paid for 10 months in a year. It is imperative to note that the mess bill subsidy would be given to students irrespective of their economic status. This move has benefitted around 13,414 students.

Scooty to Girl Students

With a view to promote education of the girl child, a scheme has been introduced to provide scooties to all girl students who secure 1st division or above in their higher secondary exams. A total of 23,245 Scooty have been distributed till 12 February 2021. The state govt. would like to continue this Assam Scooter scheme for girl students, which acts as an enabler, in the times to come.

These cumulative efforts are made by the government which will usher in a new dawn for the children of our state, who are our future. Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme will be beneficial for all category of students such as those studying in govt. schools, UG / PG courses as well as those living in hostels.

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Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme 2021 Salient Features

Here are the important features of this scheme and what each student will get after being a beneficiary of Pragyan Bharti Scheme:-

  • The state govt. will provide admission fee waiver, free textbooks and uniforms in government schools of Assam.
  • Assam govt. will provide Rs. 1,000 to 1 lakh students for textbooks.
  • The state govt. will provide textbook assistance of Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2,000 for students at graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • Govt. is going to provide Rs. 1000 per month to all students towards their mess dues.
  • The govt. will also provide one time education loan subsidy of Rs. 50,000.
  • Moreover, scooties would be provided to 20,000 top-ranked female students in class 12th.

All admissions from Higher secondary level up to Postgraduate level will be made absolutely free for all the students for the upcoming academic year. This free admission will also be applicable for courses like medical, engineering and polytechnic. Under stress due to COVID-19, this shall be big relief to families and all prospectus will be free.

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List 2021

Here are the direct links to check name in the Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List of Beneficiary Girl Students for the respective years:-

List of beneficiary girl students under Pragyan Bharati Scheme for the year 2019

Direct link to access list –

Upon clicking the link, the page to find name in list of beneficiary girl students under Pragyan Bharati Scheme for the year 2019 will appear as shown below:-

List Beneficiary Girl Students Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2019
List Beneficiary Girl Students Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2019

Here you can select any of the PDF link to download Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List PDF as shown below:-

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List PDF Download
Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List PDF Download

People can zoom in this list to check their name manually and can even take a printout to manually find their name in the Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme List 2021.

List of beneficiary girl students under Pragyan Bharati Scheme for the year 2018

Direct link to access list –

Upon clicking the link, the page to find name in list of beneficiary girl students under Pragyan Bharati Scheme for the year 2018 will appear as shown below:-

List Beneficiary Girl Students Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2018
List Beneficiary Girl Students Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2018

Select any of the PDF link to open the complete Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme list of beneficiaries, take a printout and then find name manually.

List of Beneficiaries Girls Students for Distribution of Scooters 2020-21

Here is the direct link to check List of beneficiaries Girls’ students for distribution of scooters 2020-21 –

Official Launch of Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme (Earlier Update of Year 2020)

As announced in earlier Assam Budget 2020, the state govt. had released Rs. 1000 to bank account of 67531 graduation students each for procurement of textbooks. This step has been taken under Pragyan Bharti Scheme which included 2 lakh students for the year 2020. In Assam, govt. provide free textbooks up to Higher Secondary level.

The Assam govt. had issued an advertisement that Rs 1000 will be granted to the under graduate student. According to the notice 67,531 Student were to avail free textbook assistance, total fund of Rs. 5,75,31,000 was released by the government.

Assam Gyan Deepika Scheme (Earlier Update of Year 2019)

Assam Pragyan Bharati Scheme was functional earlier in the name of Gyan Deepika Scheme which was launched by the state govt. in the Budget 2019-2020 to give a boost to education sector. Under Gyan Deepika Yojana, the state govt. was providing admission fee waiver upto degree level, free uniforms, battery operated E-Bikes to girls and subsidy on education loans. The state govt. of Assam had earmarked a sum of Rs. 25 crore for the same under the Transport department.

Assam govt. also decided to provide subsidy of Rs. 700 per month per student to be paid for 10 months in an year, irrespective of their economic status, on the mess bills, for those students staying in hostels of govt. or provincialized colleges and universities. Education is a foundation stone on which towering aspirations of society are born. So the Assam govt. is committed to give an impetus to the education sector.

Assam Gyan Deepika Yojana Salient Features

The important features and highlights of Gyan Deepika Scheme were as follows:-

  • State govt. to provide admission fee waiver upto Degree Level whose parental annual income is less than Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Free uniforms to be given to all the Class IX (9th) and X (10th) class students.
  • Free Textbooks to all the students till class XII.
  • E-Bike to be distributed to girls who secure first division in higher secondary examination. These battery operated e-bikes to help girls in commuting to their places of higher studies.
  • Assam govt. to provide Rs. 50,000 subsidy on all education loans.

Assam Gyan Deepika Scheme in Assamese

  • নবম আৰু দশমমানৰ ছাত্ৰ-ছাত্ৰীৰ বাবে বিনামূলীয়া সমবেশ (Uniform)
  • বাৰ্ষিক ২ লাখ টকাতকৈ কম আয়ৰ পৰিয়ালৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত প্ৰযোজ্য
  • বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় পৰ্যন্ত ছাত্ৰী-ছাত্ৰীৰ বাবে ছাত্ৰাবাসৰ মাছুলৰ বিপৰীতে ৭০০ টকাৰ চৰকাৰী সাহায্য
  • উচ্চতৰ মাধ্যমিক পৰীক্ষাত ন্যূনতম প্ৰথম বিভাগ প্ৰাপ্ত ছাত্ৰীৰ বাবে ই-বাইক
  • প্ৰতিটো শৈক্ষিক ঋণৰ বিপৰীতে বেঙ্ক একাউণ্টত ৫৯ হাজাৰ টকাকৈ চৰকাৰী সাহায্য
  • বিদ্যালয় পৰ্যায়ত মূল্যবোধৰ শিক্ষা প্ৰবৰ্তন


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