Assam Moitri Scheme 2021 – Improvement of Thana / Police Station for People’s Service

Assam govt. launches Moitri Scheme - Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image for the improvement of 346 police stations / thanas for citizen friendly services through digitization, check details here
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Assam government has launched Moitri Scheme for the overall development of police stations (Thana). Subsequently, the state govt. will help in re-dedicating the police force in the service of people and will also create human friendly environment along with a modern scientific human approach. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Assam Moitri Scheme for improvement of local policestation.

Assam Moitri Scheme 2021 Details

In Assam state, around 55 police stations in Assam have been reconstructed into swanky buildings, with a small creche, separate women and juvenile corners, a lounge with comfortable sofa, under a special citizen-friendly project. The Mission for Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image (MOITRI) is a project first initiated by the Assam government in 2016. Assam Moitri Scheme has become a model for construction or reconstruction of police stations as all of them are trying to promote humane face of men and women in Khaki.

MOITRI has envisaged changing the police stations with facilities such as reception and waiting lounge, video-conference system, separate women and children cell, separate entry for them, toilets, adequate drinking water facility, boundary wall, even a crèche. Assam has around 340 police stations and all of them will be reconstructed in phases under the MOITRI scheme with the construction period for each of them being fixed at 12 months.

Police Stations Reconstructed under Assam Moitri Scheme

As of now, 55 police stations have been reconstructed under the MOITRI scheme. Each police station has a cyber room and work station, counselling room for drug addicts and juveniles, and specially designed toilets for differently abled citizens. The living accommodation — barrack and toilet facilities — for the police personnel is, as far as possible, being separated from station areas visited by the general public.

Renewable energy sources like solar is being utilised in every police station which will also have running water, drainage, water harvesting and biodegradable toilets. A properly designed gate and boundary wall as well as parking areas, particularly for confiscated vehicles, have been conceptualised at every police station and worked into the design. Every police station will have a proper landscaping designed with a horticulture and floriculture plan, which is being implemented while being constructed.

Use of Local Materials in Assam Moitri Scheme

Locally available materials, like processed bamboo products are being used wherever possible for both construction and furniture. A maintenance legacy is being worked out and a three-year mechanism for upkeep — painting, minor repairs etc — by the contractor has been incorporated into the contract.

As per the maintenance policy, materials requiring least maintenance are being identified and used, particularly for the cladding and flooring purposes. Strong or sturdy fittings have been used in the toilets. MOITRI scheme is reorientation of policing in Assam by rebuilding and strengthening the relationship between police and citizens.

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Assam Moitri Scheme stands for “Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image”. Under this scheme, govt. will cover 346 police stations in next 5 years. Moreover in the first phase, govt. will cover 73 police stations under this scheme. Assam CM has laid the foundation stone for this scheme at Dibrugarh Police Station. This scheme will provide faster services to the citizens through digitalisation.

Salient Features of Assam Moitri Scheme

The important features and highlights of this Assam Moitri Scheme are as follows:-

  • Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image will focus on improving the physical conditions of various police stations.
  • Subsequently, this scheme will enable citizens to get the benefits of the services easily at their respective police thanas through digitalisation.
  • Under this scheme, govt. will provide basic facilities like Reception and Waiting Lounge facility, video-conference system, separate cells and entrances for women and children, toilets, adequate drinking water and boundary wall, physical infrastructure, internet connectivity and basic tools for cyber crime detection.
  • The primary focus is to make these police stations citizen’s friendly.
  • Under this scheme, govt. will cover total 346 police stations in the upcoming 5 years.
  • However in the first phase of its implementation, govt. will cover 73 thanas with a total outlay of Rs. 125 crore. Under this scheme, govt. will spend approx. Rs. 2 crore at each police station.
  • Accordingly, govt. will transform all the police stations into centers for Public Service Delivery System. Furthermore, this scheme will bridge the gap between Police and the general public.

Under Moitri Scheme, govt. will categorize the police stations into metro, town and rural as these will be refurbished into 2 phases. Moreover, Police stations will become eco-friendly and also deck these police stations with trees. Furthermore, govt. will also provide training on soft-skills to police personnel to make them citizen-friendly.

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