Assam ANNA Scheme 2022 – Free Rice to All NFSA Beneficiaries | Affordable Nutrition & Nourishment Assistance Yojana

Assam ANNA Scheme 2022 - Affordable Nutrition & Nourishment Assistance Yojana in Budget, free rice for all beneficiaries under National Food Security Act (NFSA)
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Assam ANNA Scheme 2022: Assam government has introduced a new Affordable Nutrition & Nourishment Assistance (ANNA) Yojana for poor people. Under this scheme, the state govt. provides rice free of cost (earlier at just Rs. 1 Per kg). ANNA Scheme will strengthen food security and will benefit around 59 lakh households in Assam. The state govt. is primarily responsible to provide proper nutrition to poor families and is now fulfilling its commitment.

ANNA Yojana 2022 in Assam would serve the basic purpose that all poor citizens particularly children and women get nutritious meal everyday. Rice is a basic necessity of people and by providing this essential commodity at lower rates under a food subsidization programme is a major step towards ensuring good health of citizens.

Various other schemes like Arundhati Yojana, Apunar Apun Ghar Yojana, Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme are some of the other major announcements made in Assam Budget 2021-22.

Assam Anna Scheme in Budget 2022

Current CM Himanta Biswa Sarma who presented the Budget 2021-22 as finance minister mentioned “Sir, we are very aware and cognizant of the fact that some of the most concerning data on nutrition come from the tea garden areas. As a progressive and inclusive Government, we have been at the forefront of our efforts to address this gap. Sir to this effect we have introduced the Affordable Nutrition and Nourishment Assistance Yojana (Anna Scheme) which aimed to provide rice at a rate of 1 rupee per kg which was later turned into free rice for all beneficiaries under National Food Security Act.

Our Government has thus gone beyond the mandate of the National Food Security Act stipulated provision of Rs. 3 per kg rate for subsidized rice. It gives me immense pleasure to inform this House that 58,85,289 families have benefitted under this scheme and the total amount of subsidy value under this scheme is Rs. 767.98 crore. This measure has gone a long way to provide substantial basic nutrition to our tea tribe brethren.

Arundhati, Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension & Other Scheme Details

The state govt. has also announced various other schemes like Arundhati Scheme, Indira Miri Universal Universal Widow Pension scheme etc. Arundhati Yojana, govt. allows for 1 tola gold, later replaced by Rs. 40,000, to be directly transferred to the beneficiary girl entering into matrimony, whose family’s annual income is below Rs.5 lakh. Around 1815 young women and their families
have benefitted from this innovative Scheme and the total expenditure has been Rs. 726 lakh till date.

Under Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme, any women upto the age of 45 years who losses her husband will receive an amount of Rs. 25,000 as immediate family assistance. This amount is for regular maintenance expenses and the widow will also get Rs. 250 as monthly pension until she attains the age of 60 years after which she shall be moved into the old age pension scheme.

Assam ANNA Yojana Launch – Rice at Rs. 1 per Kg (Earlier Update)

Assam Finance Minister had launched new scheme namely Affordable Nutrition & Nourishment Assistance (ANNA) Yojana on 6 February 2019 to strengthen food security in the state. At that time, around 53 lakh families were to get rice at a further subsidized rate of Rs. 1 / Kg instead of previous Rs. 3/Kg.

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The state govt. of Assam decided to start a pilot implementation of this ANNA Yojana across the state from March 2019 itself. The pilot phase of ANNA Scheme 2019 in Assam was started so as to enable state govt. to address minor implementation challenges that may come up. Afterwards, govt. makes itself fully ready for a successful rollout of the Assam Anna Scheme from FY 2019-20.

The state govt. provides aims to provide access to good quality healthcare, education, housing and nutrition to all the citizens.

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