Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme for Assam Govt. Employees

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Apun Ghar is a new home loan scheme for Assam Government employees under which home loans will be provided to the state govt employees at subsidized interest rates. The Assam government has signed an MoU with the state bank of India to provide home loans at hugely subsidized interest rates to its employees.

Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme – Introduction

Under the Apun Ghar scheme, the state government would provide housing loans at a subsidized rate of 5% for its women employees and 5.5% for men employees. The loan would be provided without and collateral security and processing fee. The main objective of Apun Ghar housing loan scheme is to provide housing to all state residents. Though, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is also running in all the towns and cities of the state under which loans at subsidized rates are provided.

Under the Apun Ghar scheme, the state government employees can avail a loan of up to Rs 15 Lakh for with an interest subsidy of 3.5%. The subsidy on interest rates would benefit state government employees in terms of lower interest rates and lower EMI’s.

Apun Ghar Home Loan – Interest Rates and Subsidy

Loan AmountRs. 15 LakhRs. 15 Lakh
Interest Subsidy3.5%3.5%
Interest Rate after Subsidy5.05%5%
Maximum Loan Tenure20 Years20 Years
Effective EMI (for a loan of Rs. 15 Lakh for 20 Years)
Before SubsidyRs. 13,017Rs. 13,017
After SubsidyRs. 10,318Rs. 9,899

Eligibility for Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme

Apun Ghar home loan scheme is however targeted to the government employees belonging to the lower income group of the society but applicable for all. The government employees are eligible for the Apun Ghar home loan scheme who has

– Minimum age of 21 years
– Residual service of five years

It would not benefits those state employees who have less than 5 years in their service retirement.

The employees who have already availed of education and the home loan from the SBI at normal rates would also be able to switch over to the subsidized loan scheme of the government after one year or so.

The SBI Loan Scheme to be rolled out in May 2017 and will help the low-income state employees and low-rank police personnel. The loan scheme would also help to generate various economic activities.

How to Apply for Apun Ghar Home Loan

The state government employees need not to visit the bank branch to apply for the Apun Ghar scheme, but they can simply submit the applications forms or submit their request to respective district drawing and disbursing officer.

Download Apun Ghar Home Loan Application Form

All the arrangement have been made by government and SBI to ensure hassle-free loans to employees. To get benefits of home loans and education loan, the employee will not have to submit piles of documents which is the normal process to apply for bank loan.

To apply for, the employees will simply have to submit applications to their respective Drawing and Disbursement Officers (DDOs). And further, the DDOs will forward the loan applications to the SBI for processing to disburse the loans. No processing fee will be charged from the applicant for the loan application.

The State Bank of India has a target to disburse about 10000 home loans by May next year.

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99 thoughts on “Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme for Assam Govt. Employees”

  1. sir I am submitting my application in the scheme of apun ghor housing loan today our nearest SBI Baihata Chariali branch but loan section madam said to me that the land document of jamanbandi copy is completely separate in loan holder name not Ejamali copy and patta is completely separate as per RBI discussion and already returned 12 nos of application from RBI so madam is not take my loan application and madam said next Monday you will come, actually what happen I don’t know so plz tell me sir

  2. I have to join irrigation department on last April 2017, can i apply apun ghar home lone? My cont no 7896387257

  3. I met with with the higher officials of SBI ,RASMECCC,Tinsukia branch to covert my houseing loan in APUN GHOR scheme at the rate 5.5%.But I came to realize that they are very confused wheather earlier loan will switch over from the 8.5% to 5.5% or not.
    Apun ghar sheme says yes but RASMECCC officials has not obtain the clear systm guideline from RASMECCC chief.
    I am very anxious about State Bank of India,Banking system.My contact no 9435472083.

  4. I have joined irrigation department on last December 2017…, Right now…, i have completed 5 months of job period.
    My question is…am i elegible for this home loan…?

  5. I already availed a housing loan at normal interest but as per apun ghar rule I can avail the rate of interest at the rate of 5.5%.But SBI loan section refused to allow me because SBI authorityI has not allowed to do so.
    So I request to implement the rule immediately.

    • I already availed a housing loan at normal interest but as per apun ghar rule I can avail the rate of interest at the rate of 5.5%.But SBI loan section refused to allow me because SBI authorityI has not allowed to do so…..6003235625….Much needed

    • I want to apply Apun Ghar Home Loan, Kindly I needed Loan

      ..Also North Lakhimpur, Assam.

      SBI Bank Loan Officer Number

  6. sir I am assam govt employee and have a personal loan at sbi.sir all my land documents owner is my father.at this moments who can I able to get a home loan under apun gharat scheme? my phone no 9435257092

  7. Dear Sir
    Though i am a state govt employee i have no land in my name. At first i want to buy land to construct home as apun ghor with the loan .Am i competent for the apun ghor loan .

  8. sir/madam, i m serving in central employee as armed force. so i want to get apun ghar scheme.would i get that apun ghar scheme? pl reply soon sir/madam.

  9. I have been working since 3 years in arrigation deppartment and i want to apply home can you please inform me the process of apply via email or mobile number 9706508520, Thank you

  10. I am Assam govt employee.. But my salary credited in United bank of India. Not in SBI.but I have alrdy an account in Sbi.. In this regard…..wll I able to get the loan ..sir???

  11. I have a housing loan on sbi which will be continued till 2036 which is granted on 2015 can I be able to convert it to apun ghor ?

  12. Respected sir/Madam

    I am an employee of Central Paramilitary Forces & my home state is Assam . Can i eligible for Apun ghar Assam home loan scheme.

  13. Sir I have a HBL reiceve from CBI since 2013 which is now running and finish on 2023 now can I convert this loan to spin ghor loan

  14. নমস্কাৰ ছাৰ /মেডম ,মই এজন্ অসম চৰকাৰৰ কৰ্মচাৰী মই আপোন ঘৰ হোম লোন এপ্লাই কৰিব খুজিছিলো কিন্তু মুৰ ই ছারটিফিকেটত আৰু চাকৰিত জন্ম তাৰিখ 02/01/19,84 আৰু পানকাটত হল 31/12 19,86 মই এতিয়া কেনেকে লোন টু হোনকালে পাম ছাৰ মোক হাঁহায়কৰিব ছাৰ

  15. নমস্কাৰ ছাৰ মই অসম চৰকাৰৰ এজন কৰ্মচাৰী মই আপোন ঘৰ লোন লবলৈ হাকলো কামকাজ কৰিছো এতিয়া মুৰ ছারটিফিকেটত জন্ম তাৰিখ 02/01/29,84 পানকাটত 31/12/19,86 মই এতিয়া কি কৰিম ছাৰ

  16. Sir,My wife & Myself both of we are Regular TET teacher.Can i take loan 15 lacs+15 lacs=30 lacs.Land name is only my name.pliz reply sir.

  17. Sir , I have a loan at assam Garmin Bikash Bank taken for business purpose.but I got a govt job just 3 years ago.can I be a beneficiary of apon ghar Scheme? After all deduction will be made from my salary.

  18. Sir, I wants Apun Ghar home loan Amount Rs 1200000/ but land value Rs 120000(Approximately) and own lands record my grant fathers name. so i state govt employees pls reply me

  19. what about the forest villagers who do not possess any land documents though living there since independence ? and what about the landless employees? unless the government comes out with some policy in this regard a large section of the employee will not be able to avail of the scheme. pls comment.

  20. Hi sir I worked in Police as I had got the job last year so I want to take the loan but thing is that, how much it will take extra amount as interest, in the info, as mentioned I have read that for the low rank police it will be less interest charge. So I just want the conclusion sir.

  21. Respect sir new s.b.i r home loan r bikhoye jani otikoi hukhi….hoixu….
    Kin2 mur service 1yr 9 month h Hoise…..xo moi napam neki?????
    Pensioner hokole apun ghr r loan lobo paribone???

  22. This is a fake news… No one knows exactly what this APUN GHAR home loan all about…. All the responsibilities officer should go through this article and understand exactly what does it mean…. Specially for the documents requirement to b

  23. This is a fake news… No one knows exactly what this APUN GHAR home loan all about…. All the responsibilities officer should go through this article and understand exactly what does it mean…. Specially for the documents requirement to become​eligible….

  24. মই ঘৰ বনাবলৈ মাটি কিনিব বিছাৰিছো…তাৰ পাছত হে ঘৰ বনাম ..মই এই লোন পাম নে.

  25. Respective Assam govt.’s finance Minister hon’able Himanta Biswa Sarmah Sir wants to provide a home to those who has no a home of his own, But in practical it’s not for those who has no myadi land. More over it seems it wouldn’t be hassle free.

  26. Download the application form and fill up it go your nearest SBI branch and consults ABOUT the Assam Government “Apun ghar” loan thanks


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