Amma Free Cow / Sheep / Goat Scheme in Tamilnadu [Animal Husbandry]

Tamil Nadu govt. to continue Amma Free Cow / Sheep / Goat Scheme of the Animal Husbandry department launched by late former CM J. Jayalalithaa, beneficiaries to earn 2.7 lakh from 6th year
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Tamilnadu govt. will continue Amma Free Cow / Sheep / Goat Scheme launched by the former CM J. Jayalalithaa. The state govt. of Tamil Nadu is going to provide subsidy in backward areas of various districts. Each women beneficiary will get 10 goats / sheep with a male goat or sheep absolutely free of cost. This scheme will benefit around 3,645 beneficiaries in the state.

The central and state governments will jointly implement the Amma Free Cow / Sheep / Goat Scheme in Tamilnadu. This time the TN govt. will also insure cattles being given to the beneficiaries. Moreover, subsidy would be extended to SC / ST and beneficiaries falling in below poverty line (BPL) category.

TN govt. is going to start this scheme in order to promote rearing of cattle, sheep, goat and to provide additional income to beneficiaries.

Tamil Nadu Amma Free Cattle / Sheep / Goat Scheme 2019

CM Edappadi K Palaniswami has announced to continue Amma Free Cattle / Sheep and Goat Scheme in the current fiscal year 2019. The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The state govt. and central govt. will jointly implement the scheme with 90% subsidy in the backward areas of 20 districts.
  • Each woman beneficiary will get 10 sheep / goats along with a male goat / sheep.
  • Tamil Nadu govt. will bear the expenses of procurement, transportation, insurance, medicines and nutrition.
  • Each beneficiary is going to earn Rs. 1.8 lakh to 2.7 lakh at the end of 6th year.
  • Around 3,645 beneficiaries will benefit in around 81 panchayat unions.

The state govt. would insure 2.5 lakh cattle this year at Rs. 22.46 crore, extending subsidy to SC / ST and beneficiaries in BPL category. CM has also announced a new TN Amma Youth Sports Scheme

Tamilnadu govt. will also setup a state-of-the-art laboratory, Central Animal Disease Diagnostic and Surveillance in Padappai in Kancheepuram. Moreover, a Semen Sorting laboratory would also be setup in District Livestock Farm in Ooty at Rs. 47.5 crore.

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