Agriculture Connection Policy – 2017 for Power Connections to Farmers in Rajasthan

August 3, 2017 | UPDATED ON: August 3, 2017
Agriculture Power Connection

The state govt. of Rajasthan has approved the new Agriculture Connection Policy- 2017. Under the scheme, state government would provide power connections to small and marginals farmers.

The small and marginal farmers who are belonging to BPL category will get priority over other farmers in receiving agriculture connections of 5 horsepower. The farmers who are affected by Indira Gandhi Canal Project will also get the same benefit under the policy.

The government has already taken several measures to increase the credit flow and bringing more and more farmers including small and marginal farmers within financial inclusion.

Highlights of Agriculture Connection Policy-2017

  • The scheme will only be applicable on connections of up to 20 horsepower approved by bureau of energy efficiency and for five-star rated pump sets.
  • The farmers who are replacing their standard motors will receive subsidy amount of Rs. 750 per horsepower from the government. However, motors must be replaced with five-star rated pump.
  • The interest rates on amount paid for power connections that were cut off has been slashed from 16% to 12% yearly and can be reconnected under this scheme.
  • If the connection demand note was an issue within five years then the farmers will have to pay Rs. 500 to get their connection.
  • During the deposit of demand draft, farmers can erect electric lines if the option is available.

According to the govt. notification, farmers who are receiving the subsidy under solar pump sets will not be able to take benefit of second agriculture connection in general category. For them, govt. will soon announce a new separate policy.

It should be noticed here that under the scheme, govt. has given relaxed provisions for martyrs’ families. These family can apply for agricultural connections anytime. Earlier, it was mandatory in the agriculture policy to apply for connection within twelve years of the death or within two years of getting ownership of land.

This policy will surely help improve the farm productivity and increase the income of farmers.

To get more information about the policy you can visit on the official website of Rajasthan govt. or click on this link

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