Aadhaar Linked Sale of Fertilizers in Maharashtra – Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme

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Maharashtra govt. is going to roll out Aadhaar Linked Sale of Fertilizers in this Kharif Season. The state govt. will implement this Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme for fertilizers which is also a flagship programme of central government. Fertilizer Subsidy would be credited into the account of the manufacturer after the farmers procure the fertilisers from the dealer. There are a total of 23,416 Point of Sales (PoS) machines in the state through which this scheme will get implemented.

Under this scheme, Aadhar number of the farmers will get linked directly with the sales. Even the state govt. will focus on making sales of subsidized fertilizers through the use of PoS machines.

All farmers can purchase fertilizers either on the basis of soil test recommendations / village fertilizer index / on their own assessment. This is a major initiative for stopping diversion of fertilizer to non agricultural purpose.

Aadhaar Linked Sale of Fertilizers – DBT Scheme

The important features and highlights of aadhaar linked sale of fertilizers are as follows:-

  • Aadhaar Authentication will be done through Point of Sale (PoS) machines.
  • In India, around 40 lakh tonne of fertilizers is being sold on an average during the Kharif season. As per the govt. records, around 20 per cent is diverted to non-agricultural usage.
  • The primary objective of this DBT Scheme is to stop this pilferage by linking of the Aadhaar numbers of farmers to the sales and to make the sales through PoS machines.
  • Under this DBT Scheme, farmers would be sold fertilizers without debit cards but their Aadhaar numbers would be noted down.
  • Agriculture department will conduct mapping of input sellers. All such outlets would be given the PoS machines.

Maharashtra state govt. will also conduct various training camps for input sellers to make them aware of various changes. This scheme will also help in regulation of fertilizer sales. Moreover, the state govt. will provide accurate subsidy component to the fertilizer companies. Use of Aadhaar for fertilizer sale will prevent the misuse of subsidized fertilizers for non-farming activities.


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