24×7 Power for Agriculture Sector in Telangana from March 2018

November 8, 2017 | UPDATED ON: November 8, 2017
24x7 Power for Agriculture Sector in Telangana

The state government of Telangana has announced 24×7 power supply to the agriculture sector across the state from March, 2018. The TRS government has started to provide 24×7 power to agriculture sector on experimental basis from 6th November 2017. However, the government has set a deadline to provide 24×7 power to all households, industry, commercial business, public needs etc. by 2018-19.

Under the 24×7 power supply experiment, the state government would provide power to agriculture sector for 5 or 6 days a week. The government will then study the pros and cons of the implementation to come up with better and effective solution. If everything goes right, the experiment would be converted into full fledged implementation for permanent 24×7 power to agriculture sector from March 2018.

Telangana state is among the highest power consumption States all over India. As per data of electricity department, per capita power consumption of the state is over 985 units against the national average of 917 units. The government will invest Rs. 1600 crore to strengthen the electricity transmission and distribution network in the state.

Telangana government has promised that they will ensure 24 hour power supply to all section of the state including 24 hours supply to rural section by 2017-18 against 15 hours supply. Govt. also promised to provide 9 hours power supply to agriculture during day time against 7 hours.

According to the official data, there are 44,532 urban and 721,588 rural households to be electrified in the state. The power department has planned to complete the electrification of all households by the end of 2017-18. The present demand of power is expected to be in the range of 13,500 MW to 14,000 MW. This demand can provide uninterrupted supply of power to agriculture pump sets in the State.

The government has informed that this year demand of state was 8,300 MW against 6,890 MW last year. Therefore, Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Limited (TSGENCO) is planning for investments of Rs. 42,491 Crore to set up more thermal power station to meet the increasing demand of the state by 2018-19.

The government has informed that they bear the cost for supply of 24×7 power in the form of subsidy. Moreover, several projects are already working in the state to capacity addition. Govt. informed that, the 800 MW seventh unit of KTPS is being expected to be completed in December this year.

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