‘UP-100’ – World’s Largest 24/7 Emergency Service Helpline

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Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has launched his government’s most ambition project and world’s largest 24X7 emergency services – ‘UP 100’.

Aim of UP-100 Emergency Service

UP-100, state-wide integrated emergency service which has been started with the aim of providing safety to the public across the state round the clock, is, in fact, the official name of Uttar Pradesh Police Emergency Management System previously called dial 100 project.

Uttar Pradesh, which is big enough to be the fifth largest country in the world by itself and even bigger than countries like Brazil in size, has a total area of 240,948 sq.km. Overall, the state has 75 districts, 12 municipal corporations, 689 towns and cities and over 107000 villagers.

Despite all this, the new high-tech centralized emergency system UP-100 promises that police will reach the caller in a maximum of twenty minutes in rural areas and within 15 minutes in urban areas and that too round the clock.

The basic objective of the UP-100 service is to reduce the response time to provide emergency services to the citizens. For this, police will use 3200 four-wheelers and 1600 two-wheelers across the state to provide the emergency response services.

In order to reach the location within the stipulated time, these vehicles have been equipped with GPS along with which radio communication will be used in addition to mobile and the internet.

After inaugurating the UP-100, the Chief Minister of the state said that people need not go to the police, instead police will reach them on time.

However, the UP-100 facility is initially available in 11 districts of the state and there are plans to extend it in other remaining districts. The Uttar Pradesh government has allocated Rs. 2,200 crore for the project.

With this money, a centralized contact centre has been established at the state capital for receiving all emergency calls from across the state. The centre is equipped with all the state-of-arts technology and thus it will not only the mobile or phone calls, but will also respond to all other modes of communications like email, social media etc.

In order to ensure that maximum number of people of the state can use UP-100, centralized contact centre will support all dialects of Hindi, major Indian and even some foreign languages,

Apart from that, differently abled people will also be able to connect through video calls where interpreters of sign language will transcript their issues and appropriate actions will be taken into the matter.

To increase the functionality of ‘UP-100’ – a citizen-centric system, fire services are also being integrated with the field services, so that fire services shall be provided automatically in cases where they are needed. Similarly, already functional medical emergency ambulance service operating on a State-wide number 108 is also being added with UP 100.


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