1.20 Crore LED Bulbs Distributed Under Ujala Gujarat Yojana

Views: 2830 | Dated: July 25, 2016 | Updated On: July 25, 2016 | By: Rajesh Kumar |
1.20 Crore LED Bulbs Distributed Under Ujala Gujarat Yojana

Ujala Gujarat Yojana, launched on 26th May by the Chief Minister Anandi Ben Patel has seen a great response from the consumers in the state. Within 2 months of launch, about 1.20 Crore LED bulbs have been distributed under the scheme to 24 lakh families.

On an average, consumers are buying about 2 Lakh LED bulbs every day under the scheme throughout the state. Under the scheme, each household can purchase a maximum of 10 LED bulbs.

Recently the prices of Ujala LED bulbs were also reduced by the state government by Rs. 10. LED bulbs of Ujala Yojana are now available to purchase at Rs. 70-75.

7 watt LED bulb under the scheme can be purchased against a cash payment of Rs. 70. The consumers can also choose to pay through EMI which will be charged in 8-10 installments through the electricity bill. The cost of the each bulb purchased through EMI would be Rs. 75.

The consumers can buy the LED bulbs by showing monthly electricity bill or ID cards. The government has setup 615 distribution centres across the state to implement the scheme.

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